So fustrating

ive been trying to throw the circle change but ive been really inconsistent with it i cant hit the strike zone with it sometimes and a lot of time it goes in on the righty hitters adn hit them someitmes. I dun wnat to give up on it becasue when it’s right it almost unhittable. What should i do?

When I throw mine, after getting the grip, I convince myself that I am throwing a fastball. This helps to keep the same arm speed and mechanics which should help your control. Other than that, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. When you are just playing catch, use your changeup grip often. How old are you? You may not have the hand size yet to throw the circle change. If this is the case, you might try throwing a different kind of change up like the three or 4 finger.

it took me about 2 months before i had any control on my circle change whatsoever

My circle change is just as bad… I think I can’t throw one because my hand and fingers aren’t big enough… IS IT POSSIBLE TO THROW A CIRCLE CHANGE without LONG FINGERS??

Try a box change where your baby and index fingers are on the sides of the ball and you focus on your middle and ring fingers throwing the ball.

My 11 yr old lefty throws a change up…sort of the box change with middle and ring finger on the laces. He doesn’t slow his motion at all which is great. The problem is that there isn’t much of a speed differential at all between it and his 4-seam fastball. He throws it for strikes consistently but it is flat. He holds it deep in his hand as well to try to slow it up. Any suggestions as to how he can slow it up and make it more of a weapon…without slowing down his mechanics which would tip it off or how to put a little movement on it?

His 2 seam moves naturally in on a right-handed batter and he is really gaining good control of the 4 seamer now as he throws to the outside of the plate to the righties or in on lefties. Problem is everything is hard and I’m not big on throwing a lot of “beginner curveballs” to change speeds with.

He may be snaping his wrist or getting too much of his hand behind the ball. It also maybe a matter of more practice. At 11, I would not sweat it.

I would not teach any breaking ball before 14 1/2. Anytime you lead with the heel of your hand you place a lot of stress on the outside tendon of the pitching elbow.

My son grew up with the curve ball. It was a natural as throwing a fastball. We started with a nerf ball throwing it straight and then “making it dive.” in the living room.

We never threw too many, and he knew and understood how to do it the right way (he is extremely intelligent). Last year at 13,Tendonitis no structural damage, but lost 1/4 of the season-no baseball at all, 1/2 season no pitching at all.

When he could finally pitch, no curveballs until he ws 14 1/2 by the order of his Orthopedic surgeon. So he ws going into a competitive situation without his “out pitch” He said it was like going into a fight with one hand- not that he has ever been in one, but the message was clear. Psychologicially he missed the curve. Every once in a while I am sure he sneaked one in, but his head coach caught him and told him if he saw another he was coming out-not just off the mound but the game. Even then he said, he was afraid to really “snap one off”

Keep with the change it will come around, Steve has an excellent article about this on his blog, Ian.