So all of a sudden can't throw strikes ball bounces in the dirt

This text will be blurredHello trying to see what can help…my son is a Sophomore pitcher on his Varsity team and all of a sudden he just can’t throw strikes in a game. Freshman year he pitched Varsity and ended up being the #1 starter on the team with a 2 era! His balls are like darts 50/55ft in the ground. He says nothing is hurting but in the end of summer/fall he did have a hamstring strain that he pitched with…any help is greatly appreciated.

It would help if you shot some bullpen video and slo mo it before YouTube. It’s really tough to analyze current video. I’m sure you would get more expert opinions. My amateur thought after watching many times and pausing it best I could. It doesn’t look like he sver gets a good fixed glove position. Instead it looks as if he’s driving his glove head and shoulders to ground first base side. Kenetic energy is best when chest shoulders and head band ball move towards target before release. Square and balanced .

That’s little before release and he keeps powering downward first base side

Post the better video.

One of the common results I have observed was the pitcher trying “too hard”! It tensed up his body including his gripe. There is no point to pitch the ball into the dirt. I always tell the pitchers to relax and just throw the ball towards his catcher. Throwing hard without control makes the pitcher ineffective.

Or sign him up with a bunch of pitching lessons and let the pros evaluate and help him with his mechanics.

Good luck.

From a former college pitcher and current pitching coach - After slowing down your video this is what I see needs to be corrected.

Do Not Flex or Lean Forward Out Over Lead Leg Before Squaring Up To Throw .04 second mark - this creates loss of velocity and poor control- body leans forward out over lead leg before squaring shoulders to catcher-

Do Not Throw Down Over Front Shoulder again at .04 second mark - gives a real high arm slot and loss of power - for a power pitcher square up to the catcher with the arm at a three- quarter slot. Shoulders will be tilted down slightly

Stride in straight line to plate from ball of the pivot foot, land with flat foot and closed slightly, landing on heel first tends to make the stride leg foot fly open, followed by front hip and front shoulder. Also, collapses front leg which is occurring again at the .04 second mark- loss of balance and control body heads towards first base -

Hope this helps -

I really don’t think it’s a mechanical problem, at least at the root.

I do think mechanically (like many of the posts) his knee is collapsing too much, sort of throwing himself at the plate.

  1. Have you checked with the eye doctor? Really. His vision may have changed. 2. As a parent get in full gear in the back yard and praised him a lot, real low. Don’t try to fix anything or coach him. 3. Is he being pushed too hard for velocity? If so, have a 50 ball workout where he only throws changeups, and on every near strike, call out STEERIKE or GRUNT like an obnoxious ump.

My super talented 8th grader had the same issue–throwing 70 cruising just fine then all of a sudden torquing and releasing too late, collapsing knee and “throwing” himself at plate. “Fixed” it by two just goofing around sessions in the back yard. He’s now a musician, won best musician in a 13 school 6A (huge schools) competition. Same exact thing…they need to goof off some.

  1. Miss catching a ball, act like he hit you in the nuts, then roll around, get up, and say, wow, now that was throwing through the glove. Make sure to wear a CUP!!! Really, I’m not kidding. Throwing through the glove is actually really important. 5. Get up there and bat against him. Act as goofy as you can, and miss all the soft stuff. Waggle your bat, waggle your but, point to the fences, squat like Rickey Henderson, whatever.

Find the Fun. Find the connection. Remember, to him, the most important thing at his age is YOUR approval. Don’t critique him after each game. Just get in the car, don’t talk baseball except maybe, “wow, William smoked that one, didn’t he?” And go fishing or something, and don’t say a word about baseball the whole time.

Have you noticed any growth spurts? His hands might have grown, in which the ball is released later, then it would bounce in the dirt? Just a thought.