So a guy walks into a pet store

A guy walks into a pet store and wants a small pet that doesn’t require a lot of care. So the pet store owner shows him a very unusual pet - a talking centipede.
“Really” the guy asks?
“Yup”, the pet store owner replies. "The little thing is taking a nap right now, but he does talk."
The guy takes the centipede home and the next day, Sunday, he’s heading to church when he stops and asks the centipede if he’d like to join him.
No answer from the centipede.
“hey, little fella, want to go to church?” he asks again.
No response.
“hey in the box, want to go to church?”, again he asks.
No Response.
Now the guys upset. All that money for a centipede that won’t talk!
So the guy leans over the top of the box and yells in… “hey, you want to go to church with me or not?“
The little centipede looks up at the guy and says,” I’m not deaf for crying out loud, I’m putting on my shoes!”