Snappin Yopur Wrist for Movement

do you have to snap your wrist to get that inside movement
i keep my palm up on my two seam and it doesnt move much if any
i dont snap my wrist on my circle change
when i apply pressure it does nothing
when i pronate it may go straight or break down
Can snapping get me the inside movement?

There is no way you keep your palm up on a two seam throughout the whole delivery. Let the wrist snap happen. It is natural.

i meant forcing the snap
not letting it happen

Why would you force a wrist snap if it’s natural?

wrist snap automatically happens
im talking about not just lettin it happen
like when you try to keep your palm up on a four seam
doin the opposite
like a curveball but the opposite way

Ok explain this to me again,
You said "I’m talking about not letting it happen"
How is this possible?

[quote]Ok explain this to me again,
You said "I’m talking about not letting it happen"
How is this possible?[/quote]
i meant
not just lettin my hand snap down naturally
im saying intentionally snapping my wrist
will this create movement?

Forcing the snap would not seem like it would create movement. Forced pronation might but I don’t think so with the snap. Any other opinions?

I think he means pronation anyway.


Well snapping the wrist has to do with every pitch you could possibly throw, but I guess at release you could pronate and give your two-seam more movement if this is what your asking.

kelvin, theres about 15,000,000 different ways to snap your wrist. To get the answer your looking for, your going to have to be a little more specific.

does snapping your wrist down promote lateral movement
which wat do you snap your wrist to get lateral movement

Forced pronation or supination through release would most likely be the best way to achieve lateral movement. Snapping downward would probably give you more vertical spin.