"Snap" in my shoulder during warm-ups

Earlier this year I felt a “snap” on the outside of my shoulder/upper arm followed by some intense pain. It quickly subsided and I stopped throwing for a few days. Since then I’ve been able to pitch with success but when I’m warming up I have a lot of tightness in my shoulder and I can’t seem to throw with any velocity. It takes me a lot longer to loosen up. I struggle when throwing long toss (~120 feet) - there isn’t much on my throws.

I’m fearing some rotator cuff damage - but when I’m pitching I’m throwing with as much velocity as is expected and without any pain. I don’t have the “tired arm” feeling.

Any ideas?

Have you ever had any pain in the shoulder before this happened, what type of soreness do you have after you throw and what kind of pain did you have, if any, after games before the “snap”?

I’d go see an orthopedist for something like that.

I had surgery in March 2005 to repair a slight tear of the labrum. I didn’t have a full labrumoscopy - the doctor just cleaned it up. I threw all last season without pain on a very strict pitch count.

The pain occured before the first game of the season - and it was a lot different than the labrum pain I experienced.

I have ‘normal’ pain after pitching in games.

I would get it checked out only because with the labrum surgery you never know. There is a good chance though that you might have just “tweaked” something. I have a teamate have the complete reconstruction of the labrum and had similar pain you talked about, he just had some extra therarpy and went a little bit harder on his rehab and he turned out just fine.

go to a orthopedist immediately, or even your general care doctor, just get to a doctor as soon as you can. Happened to me once that I dislocated my throwing shoulder and I thought it was just like a temporary muscle tear (pretty high threshold for pain but thats besides the point) and I was throwing a ball while having a dislocated shoulder. Obviously I couldn’t get anything on the ball. Please see a doctor.

The 1st thing I would have to say is a pitcher should never have any pain ever before or after pitching. If you train the body right you shouldn’t get sore after pitching really either.

Go see a doctor and rest if this is your Off-Season then take about 2-3 months off from throwing and rest the arm.

Eh, you guys know this thread is from over a year ago? But it would be good to hear how the original poster is doing these days.

What is even cooler is the message to get checked out is being passed on. It would be nice to find out about cm and what has happened

lol, my fault. didn’t see the date. When I visit the website for some reason I can’t see which posts are new posts.

i sent him a private message. hopefully he will respond.

Man that must hurt! Get that checked out ASAP!

i agree with everyone else. consult the doctor. but first talk to your coach. he may know what is the best. some times it can be just a strain that will nag at you. if he is worried def consult someone before it turns into a serious problem. i have the same thing actually. it just nags for a throw or two then its loose. but i have talked to my coach and he is not worried. so good luck. hope u turn out good