Smooth and overpowering or deceptive

would u rather an easy to pick up delivery with a 96-100MPH fastball or a really hard to pick up delivery with 1 88-90MPH fastball?

I’m gonna go with the funky delievery a 90 mph fastball is good enough for me. All you need is a good offspeed pitch and since your delivery is already funky it would make it even harder to hit (at least it would if I was the batter). For me I think the funky delievery would be better but theres always an edge if you can throw 100 all game.

well, i was mainly reffering to being a relief/closer

maybe i should have said that before

i a closer situation id rather be the 100 mph guy why? because the funky guy is going to be effective until he isnt that funky anymore while the 100 mph fastball is just something that went threw generations as the best pitch in baseball. plus, most starting pitchers dont get to that mph so its something that would get on you since you are sitting 91-92 like most starting pitchers.

Well, I’d be the 96-100 guy because guys like that will ALWAYS find work as atleast a 7th inning setup guy on any team, at the very least. Look around the majors, guys like Farnsworth and Zumaya aren’t very good pitchers, there throwers, but they get paid lots of money to do so.

Besides, a guy who sits in the high 90’s has a lot more upside to put it together and be a dominant force out of the bullpen than the crafty 90mph guy.