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Finally got the gun on me today. Topped out at 76 average 72-73. Changeup was 63-66 and the curve was 55-58. Didn’t throw the split. I’m pretty satisfied with the speed difference. Goal is to get in the 80’s by September. Don’t know if that kind of Velo change can happen, but I’m sure as heck gonna try. Also need to put on some more muscle. Wanna get up to 185 ish and I’m hovering around 165. Prepared to put in a whole lot of work this summer.


In gaining weight, you gotta eat A LOT… I learnt this through talking to powerlifters/bodybuilders. If you desire to grow you just gotta eat eat eat…

Keep up the great work in this log!


Thanks for that tip! Will do!
Today I went and hit with my brother and hurt my shoulder again. Same thing as last time. I was hitting off a tee and it just felt like it rolled out of the socket or something. It’s my left arm which is my lead arm when I hit. I’ve been doing the exercises that were supposed to help… Just hope that I can get ready to play by next Tuesday when summer ball starts.


Figured out whats wrong without shoulder. After doing some research I think it’s shoulder instability. I’ve already been doing the things suggested to make it better. After talking with my dad, he said that we might see a doctor about it. I just want to be able to hit this summer. It doesn’t really affect my pitching very much.


Summer baseball and summer workouts start tomorrow. I’m at 161 so we’ll see how much weight I can gain. Really excited to get back into it!


Been working out for three days now and I’m pretty sore. Played two double headers already this week. (This is varsity) Started at first in 3 of the games, and DH’ed in one game. I pitched two innings also. In the first I got a pop out to second then back to back K’s, on 6 pitches. Second inning was a little bumpy. First batter hit a blooper to the shortstop that he lost in the sun and would’ve been an easy out. Next guy bunted him over. Next guy reached on an error. Then two walks and a run scored. Then I got a double play ball to get out of it. So 2 innings, 2 K’s, 2 walks, and 1 run. Don’t think it was too bad for not pitching in a long time. At the plate I’ve walked like 8 times in 4 games and I’m 0-7. I’m walking a lot. Hitting I’ve hit 4 balls pretty well, struck out 3 times. I’m not too upset with it. I mean first time hitting with a wood bat in games so I guess I just need to adjust. JV needed pitching this weekend and since we don’t play on varsity, I volunteered to go pitch. We’ll see how that goes and how my workouts keep going.


I threw an inning on jv because they (varsity)wanted me to be able to pitch early next week. I came in in a tie game with a runner on second and no outs and got out of it. I’ve been feeling really good on the mound. Threw a slider and it was dirty. It kinda sounds silly throwing a four seam, circle change, curve, slider, and split, but I can command them all and get some good movement. Our varsity catcher said that the split and change up were both dirty. Feel like I’m starting to find my stroke at the plate a little bit. Gonna get in some work over the weekend, but not workout cause I do that five days a week and I’m sore as heck. Gonna work on trying to iron out my mechanics a little bit and improve my slide step.


Had games Tuesday through what was supposed to be Sunday, but it rained today and the rest of the weekend could be in jeopardy. I pitched on Tuesday and I did well. Everybody was only throwing about 25 pitches because we needed guys for the entire week. I came in relief and struck out two in the first inning. Second inning got a ground out, then a kid leaned into a curveball and got on base. Then they bunted and I threw the kid out at first. Then the right fielder dropped a fly ball and the run scored. After that I got the next guy out. My curveball was way off but I still managed to throw a few that were alright.
On another subject, I’m horrible at first, or at least I feel like I am. Every time a ball gets by me I manage to blame it on myself. I really don’t like it at first, but it’s better than not playing.


One thing I have noticed happens a lot is kids don’t stay down on throws in the dirt at first.
Its understandable. They think they are staying down but as the ball arrives they lift or turn their head out of instinct and it lifts their glove. If it is throws in the dirt getting by you really focus on staying down. Bend at the knee and not just the waste to get down and watch the ball all the way into your glove.


Just got back from a tournament in Omaha. I went with my high school summer team, and we played a bunch of American Legion teams. We played this team from Las Vegas that was really good. I only pitched once but it was three innings of relief giving up one unearned run and walking one and had two strikeouts. Hitting I did okay, got some hits and drove in some runs. Defense is still a work in progress at first. It’s just the footwork and I don’t know what balls to go after and which ones to cover the base on. It just feels unnatural.


Had a double header against a team that lost in the state championship game last season. First game we won 12-10. I went 3-4 with a double and 3 RBI’s. I hit my double in a tie game in the top of the seventh with two outs and it put us ahead. Second game we lost 16-3. I DH’d and went 0-1 with a walk. The kid pitching for us was either throwing it to the backstop or right down the middle. I came in to pitch two innings. I wound up with two K’s, no walks, and no hits. Fastball was good, seemed to have a little life on it. Change and split were good as well. Breaking ball is different now. The curveball isn’t doing what it usually does. So I sometimes decide to throw a slider too.i would say that sometimes it’s a curveball sometimes it’s a slider and sometimes it’s in between. I look at it in a good way. I throw it for a strike and I feel having the ability to alter it depending on the situation kinda helps. I can still throw the curveball for a strike it just is t breaking like it has in the past. It stil breaks a enough just not as much.


Had the end of the season tournament and we went 0-2. I didn’t get to pitch and I was very upset about it. Five other guys pitched. I thought I was going to start the second game but I didn’t and each of the kids that pitched gave up 9 runs on 8 hits. I might be playing on a team for the rest of the summer that plays on weekends. Hope that I do. I started to get hot at the plate the past two weeks. I thought that when I did pitch I pitched well. I didn’t get a single start on the mound which kinda upset me. Wish i would’ve got more innings.


I have my first practice with this new team tomorrow. I know one of the assistant coaches and don’t know anybody else. There are three tournaments in July. One at a JUCO, one at a NAIA school, and one at TCU. I think that I will be playing third and pitching. Pretty excited.


Actually I’m not playing with that team. I didn’t like how the team was ran, or the coach. I was the best player there but there were kids who on the team last year and it was obvious that they would get the playing time. I’m using the rest of the summer to get bigger, stronger, faster, and add velocity and come back firing next year.


Keep throwing pens. Stay focused!


Been working out pretty hard. Increased my squat max by 40 pounds.
Trying to gain weight is a frustrating thing. I lift enough I just feel like I can’t eat enough.
Today was leg day. After my workout I played long toss. I’m hoping that with the added strength and long toss that I can increase my velocity. If I can get up in the 80’s Ithink that I can be lights out. Im already a fastball-change up kind of pitcher, and if I can get some zip on the fastball and keep it mixed up with the change up then I can get hitters off balance better. I read the article posted about “effective velocity” or whatever it was called. I have a pretty long wingspan and let the ball go close to the plate. Hopefully I can add velocity and make some big strides. Now a question, how big of a part does band work play into adding velocity? Is it a big help or just something that keeps your arm in shape?


Band work is generally for arm care.
Arm care however is a very big part of maintaining arm strength and recovery.
IMHO any good development or throwing program begins with arm care.


So I’m going in to my junior year. I need some help in the recruiting department. I feel like my sophomore stats aren’t going to be sufficient because of the number of games I played in. I haven’t attended any camps or showcases either. Should I be starting to contact coaches? What do I say? I haven’t taken the ACT or SAT either. Honestly have no clue where to start.


College coaches don’t care about stats for a variety of reasons. When my son was going through recruiting he was asked exactly zero times about his ERA, wins, losses or anything else besides velo.


Here’s my workout program that I’ve been doing.
(NOTE: I did not design this, one of our coaches has 6 of us on this program)
I will post what I can remember and will look at the papers that have the workouts written down

(We do wrist curls and wrist extensions every day)
Squats- 3x10 (75%,80%85% of Max)
Calf Raises- 3x13holding 30 lb Dumbbells
Lung Walks- 4 (holding 25 lb Dumbbells)
Leg Circuit- 3x10 (lunges, squats, squat jumps, jumps)
Leg Press Machine 3x10 (Weight varies because the thing is broken so we can’t have a ton of weight on it.)
Squat side lunges
Planks 3x1 minute

TUESDAY: Chest and Back
Bench 3x10 (75% 80% 85% of Max)
Incline press 3x10 (usually with 25 lb Dumbbells or the bar (we don’t add weight for some reason)
Pyramid pull-ups
Flys 3x10
Super mans 3x10
Back extensions 3x10
Rows 3x10 (again for some reason we only use 25 lb Dumbbells)
Shoulder Shrugs 3x10 (25 lbs)
4 Sprint Poles

WEDNESDAY: Biceps and Triceps
Hammer Curls 3x12 (25 lb Dumbbells)
Curl Bar 3x10 (75%,80%,85% of Max)
Skull Crushers 3x10 (25 lbs)

THURSDAY:Chest and Back
See above

See above

We also do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups every day.

We are each paired up, there are two seniors, me and another junior, and two freshman. My partner has been out of town for a while and will be for a little longer. My brother cant handle the long toss that I do. I need help with the nutrition. Any suggestions on this workout? I would like to add in another workout in the evening or afternoon since this is my morning workout. It doesn’t have to be lifting but maybe band work, throwing, hitting, and fielding later in the day? Feedback would be much appreciated!