Small Town Kid, Big City Dreams


Yes, would love to see some vid of your progress.


I’ll try to get a video up on Saturday.
Today we had a short practice, just playing catch and throwing bullpens. Threw bad today. Just couldn’t throw strikes. I’m feeling frustrated cause I had things working for me and then the pitching coach wanted to change it. Well to me it’s like if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I feel like they have me trying to change too many things at once and that’s all I think about when I throw.


Had a district double header today. I got to play in the second game. I played first and walked twice at the plate. Made all my plays at first and scored a run. We won both. Our pitcher had 18 K’s in the first game and there was a scout from the Padres there. Have a jv game tomorrow. Probably won’t pitch. I played catch over the weekend and my arm hurt weird. I went to the trainer and turns out I have bicep tendinitis. Just gotta ice but I’m not sure if I’ll pitch or not.


Played in the freshman game today. Went 0-2 with a fly out to left and a k looking. It’s hard not to get frustrated but I need to look forward to tomorrow and getting better. We won the game 8-2 and I did have an rbi groundout. Tournament this week and we play some good teams.


We’re 1-3 in the tournament with one game left tomorrow. I’m pitching in some capacity tomorrow. We should’ve beat all of those teams, but we didn’t. Any advice on what to do if you really don’t like a certain kid and he’s just a jerk and all that? We have a few kids like that and I feel like without them we would have better team chemistry and be better off. Advice? I’ll update after tomorrow’s game.


We played today. I pitched one inning, didn’t give up any hits or runs, and walked one. From now on I’m calling the forkball a splitter cause honestly it’s somewhere in between and it’s more fun to say split. The one walk came on a 3-2 split down and away to a lefty that I thought he would swing at. It was a good pitch, but the hitter did good laying it off. At the plate I went 1-1. My hit came on what was supposed to be a sac bunt, but I bunted it between the pitcher and the third baseman and beat it out. Today only sophomores pitched and we won the game 7-2. There’s 5 of us sophomores that are pretty good and two that are alright, so my senior year we should be really good. Monday and Tuesday we play our rival, and this has major district implications. We need to win both. If we sweep, then we have a much better shot at hosting a regional and making it to state.
After the game I hit three buckets and I’m going to hit some more tomorrow. Just trying to show that I can play.


Keep working hard.


Split the games against our district rival, won one and lost one. We have a jv tournament Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I’m gonna get some good innings in it hopefully my defense will play alright. Looking to win this tournament. More big distrct games next week. Right now I feel like kids are just being played for being juniors. The seniors are all solid but we have three juniors hitting under .180 and I feel like some of us sophomores deserve a chance. Might get some time at DH on varsity possibly but not too likely for these big district games. I know I can hit these kids I just haven’t got the chance.


Had a jv tournament game today. We won 3-1. I went 0-2 at the plate with two K’s. Starting to get really mad with this jv stuff. I can’t hit guys that throw 65. That’s Ive been told. I can’t hit slow pitchers. Not saying that I’m a dead pull hitter, far from it. I just find it insanely difficult to try to take a pitch so slow the other way. Pitching wise I threw an inning. No runs, no hits, one walk, no K’s. Another jv complaint, umpires. This guy didn’t call anything and it was making me mad. Anyways, wound up with another save for jv which gives me three I think. Anybody have a good hitting drill to help work on staying back?


Simplest thing I can think of is to move up in the box. I don’t know much about hitting but I would not recommend changing a bunch of stuff mechanically to deal with slow pitchers.


Had two more games today. Went 1-3 in the first one with a fly out and a K and 1-2 in the second game with a K. The first strikeout call the ball was below my knees. The second one was 6 inches out. At third I made a sick diving play. My arm kinda hurt from pitching and I couldn’t throw the ball very well today. Happy that I’m at least making some decent contact now.


Had two big district games this week and we got swept. On Tuesday I pitched the jv game and went 4 innings gave up 4 runs (1 earned) with 5 k’s and 1 walk. Curveball was downright filthy. It got to the point where I was throwing about 50% curveballs. I’d say I threw about 95% of the, for strikes. Had another game today. Went 1-3 in the jv game with a 2 rbi double and two fly outs to center. Got bumped from 3 hole to 7 hole and I was surprised and disappointed, but I will work my way back. Been making a lot more contact in the past few games. We went 0-3 this week which isn’t good considering playoffs in two weeks. We play a bad team in our district next Monday and Tuesday, so I could see the field in varsity.


Had a district double header today. I started at third in the first game and went 1-3 and had two nice plays at third. We won both games. I’m hitting .286 on varsity. Not satisfied, but I know that it could be much worse. Thursday I might see some time on the mound. The jv season is over so the rest of my games will be varsity. I have one varsity inning with no hits or runs, no strikeouts, and a walk. I’ve been throwing well lately and I think the coaches may have noticed.


You know, the high school baseball season is short enough that the average typically doesn’t mean so
much but .286 sounds very good for the amount of at bats it sounds like you have had.

My high school coach would say “there is no average, only the next at bat”. He wanted us to focus on what we were about to do not what we had done. Since my last at bat was usually not so good, it worked for me. It works for pitching too. “only the next pitch” or “only this pitch”.

Congratulations on your good fielding and success this year, Keep up the good work.

Best regards,



Thanks Ted, that’s good advice I’ll keep that in mind.


Feel like I will see mound time in the next three games because regionals start in the later part of next week. Looked at the summer ball schedule and I’m pretty excited for it. We’re only graduating 4 seniors and only three started. One of the seniors (going d1) is hitting .494 with 26 RBI’s in 29 games. The other really good one is hitting .370 and the other is hitting .256 but hits 2 hole. So we will lose 3 of our top 4 in the lineup. Might get time in the outfield, but I would like to stay at third. The kid ahead of me is a solid pitcher so I could play when he pitches, and I feel like I could DH for one of our two PO’s. Lots of possibilities. I wish I was playing travel ball after our school summer ball. It only lasts to July 1, so there’s still another solid 2 or three months that I could play. I feel like more game reps would help me out a lot.


We won our last home game and district game of the year. For regionals it looks like we’re heading to the three time defending state champs. They lost a lot of guys and we know we can beat them. Didn’t get any playing time again. Looks like I’m gonna have to look forward to next year for that.


Post weekend update:
Had practice today and I hit really well. I hit before during and after practice and I’m feeling really good. Summer ball is a wood bat league so I hope to further myself as a hitter and pitcher. This summer it looks like I’ll work out with our pitching coach and our two PO’s. I’m not going PO, but I feel like working with them can make me a lot better as a pitcher and hopefully add some Velo and muscle. I’ll work on my hitting on my own or with my brother or with a teammate or my dad. Probably all of them. My dad told me that this is the most important summer of my high school career, and I believe him. Need to get bigger stronger and faster. With the season coming down to the end, I’ll have a few “off weeks” after the season, but I’m going to take full advantage of them. Man I just love this game.


We had one regional game today, which we lost. We had 8 errors. We now have to beat the really bad team tomorrow, then the bad team that beat us today after that, then the day after we have to win twice aganist the three time reigning state champs. We have to throw the guys that we know are gonna lead us to a win, which could leave the sophomores for the big games if we make it there. It gets me excited just thinking about it. I really want to play in a big game. If not, then so be it. It’s just frustrating when guys hitting .180 and making errors are getting to play and I dont even get a chance.


Well my first season of varsity baseball came to an end today. We lost in the regional final, so we fell short of state.
We went like 20-15 and are only graduating 4 seniors so we should improve a lot next year.
Here are my stats
GP: 5
AB: 7
H: 2
BB: 2
K: 1
Avg: .286
Obp: .444

Defensively I had no errors on two plays.

1 inning
0 hits
0 K’s
1 BB

All in all, I think I had a decent season, granted I only played in 5 games and one was pinch running. I counted it up and I only pitched 13 innings the ENTIRE SEASON, jv and varsity. Hopefully I can log some innings this summer. Summer ball starts in about 3 weeks. Can’t wait!