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Well the games actually did happen today. We won both so we are 2-0 on varsity. It was our first district game. I didn’t get any playing time. We make up yesterday’s game on Friday. I played the first 3 innings of the jv game, then sat out an inning, then came in to pitch. I only say out because in my last at bat I swung and my left shoulder like kinda popped weird and IT HURT. Going to see the trainer tomorrow. As for my pitching, I had 2 k’s in my one inning and picked up the save. I threw all my pitches well today, and got one K and a groundout on the fork. They got two guys on base, one on a ball the second baseman bobbled, and one on a 3-2 walk where I painted the corner, it was the perfect punch out pitch for the ump, but I didn’t get it. Might get to play in the varsity game on Thursday.


Congratulations. That is a good start. How many pitches did you end up throwing? Good luck.


Probably around 20 pitches


Real bad news. The trainer said I can’t throw for a few days and can’t hit for like 2 weeks. It’s not my throwing shoulder, but he wanted me not to do anything with my upper body for a few days. At practice I did band work, ran, and some shoulder exercises. They also let me shag in the outfield. I’m still not exactly sure what’s wrong with it, but hopefully I can get back quick. I’m gonna do a lot of band work and leg workouts until I can hit and stuff again.


So he said to not throw but you could do shoulder exercises, band exercises, catch fly balls using your injured shoulder and throw the ball backin? Doesn’t make a lot of sense. You said you did it swinging, so, probably a strain of some sort. If he didnt tell you what it is it is probably because he doesn’t know.


The trainer didn’t want me to do upper body stuff. The band stuff was for rehab kinda I guess. And your right, he probably doesn’t know what happened, but I still have to do the stuff if I want to get cleared. I got cleared to throw today. It’s been two days since the injury and it felt okay when I played catch. Trainer said that when I can take 30 swings without pain then I can play again.


Don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t saying not to do the stuff they gave you, just it was vague.
Sounds like its getting better.
Hang in there.


This injury was vastly over estimated. The trainer said I can play again when I can take 30 swings with no pain and that could be tomorrow. Leaving for Arizoma on Sunday. Might not be able to check in until I get back. We play Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Me and about three others are throwing bullpens before we leave on Sunday, so I might get some time on the mound on the trip.


Good to be overly cautious at first. Good luck on your trip and let know how it goes.


Got back from Arizona today. We went 1-2-1. The team we tied was because of the 2:45 time limit and we actually had a brawl kind of thing with them. (Which is every high school players dream right?). The trip kind of upset me because again I got 0 playing time. I honestly think I’m better than half the starters but I feel like my dad doesn’t want to play me because of the whole “coaches son” kind of thing. I understand and perform with the hitting philosophy, and I throw strikes when I pitch, the same can’t be said for most of the team. I think maybe part of it was getting hurt and honestly I rushed back from that. It’s still kind of nagging but it’s not really pain, more discomfort. We play every day next week except for Wednesday. Probably go lift and run and throw tomorrow.


Had a district game today that we won 6-5. I didn’t get to play once again in the varsity game. In the JV game I started at DH. I went 0-1 on the day with a walk. Worked on my hitting after the game. I played first base for an inning then got to pitch. Here’s my line for the day
1 IP, 1 H, 0 runs, 2 K’s 0 walks. I got my two strikeouts with fastballs on the outside corner and I got the other kid to pop out to first. Got another district game tomorow and a tourney Thursday-Saturday. Probably get some time on the mound in the tournament I hope.


Nice work on the mound. How’s the shoulder?


Shoulder is doing better. Doesn’t hurt when I swing it only hurts when I raise my arm above my head (which happens in the field a lot). Today we lost the varsity game 5-1. No playing time again. One of our best pitchers gave up two bombs and their guy just shut us down. Kid threw a fastball or curveball for the first pitch and the opposite for the second pitch.
In the jv game I started at third and got nothing hit to me. Then I moved to shortstop and played there for three innings. Then moved and played an inning in center. At the plate I went 1-2 with a double in the gap. I struck out looking on a well placed fastball on the inside corner when I was looking fastball away. Tournament on Thursday, two JV games Friday, and might have to throw for the freshman team on Saturday cause they have like two pitchers and I have a rubber arm haha. I’ve been putting in extra time in the cage after the games trying to improve. Gotta keep working hard.


Glad the shoulder is feeling better.
Keep working.


Not gonna lie about how the jv game went today. It was terrible. Started pitching only lasted three innings gave up 11 runs (only 2 were earned). Our shortstop made 5 errors and the second baseman made 3 and the outfield made 3. It’s hard to play when nothing is going right. Went 0-2 at the plate. Play with varsity again tomorrow at 10. Leaving at 8. Gonna get there early and get some hacks in


Hard to stay focused when innings are going on forever and your D can’t make routine plays. Just have to execute your next pitch the best you can.


Today was back with the varsity and we lost 5-2. We’ve haven’t been playing too great in the past two weeks. Didn’t get any playing time. Monday and Tuesday we play one of the worst teams in our district so I might get some playing time. After I got back from the game I hit. I hit soft toss, overhand BP with situational stuff, and curveballs off the pitching machine. Felt like I got in some good work.


Got my first varsity playing time today. I started at third. Didn’t get anything hit to me. We run ruled them 13-0 in 5 innings, and our picther threw a 1 hitter with 12 K’s. At the plate I went 0-3 but had 2 Quality At-Bats and hit the ball hard every time just right at a fielder. Played first in the JV game and made all my plays and got walked all three times I came to the plate. We play tomorrow and then we can’t do anything after Wednesday cause of Easter. Not gonna be able to get much work in until probably Sunday night. Not sure if I’ll play tomorrow in the varsity game. Thought I did alright today.


Congratulations on the first varsity start. Keep hitting them hard they will fall, eventually. Keep working.


Thanks Ted,

I’m sick right now and we didn’t have practice anyways. Nothing until Monday, which is a district double header aganist another bad team in the district. I thought I would do an update. As a team we are 9-5-1 and 4-1 in district games (3rd place). Although we have the best overall record, there are still two undefeated teams ahead of us (both are our rivals). Next week we have a double header on Monday and have a tournament Thursday-Saturday. Might get some time on the mound for varsity soon. I’ll try and upload a mechanics video soon.