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There are days like that no matter what level you’re at. It can be tough if you are putting pressure on yourself in regards to making varsity or what your roll may or may not be.
It’s important to not beat yourself up about a bad day or bad game or bad week even.
It is also important to see if there was a direct corrilation to something else. Did you get enough sleep? Did you hydrate and eat well enough?
It can be helpful to develop a real routine that you can fall back on. Having a mental “reset” button is a big thing. Have a process that starts with a deep breath…a focusing breath can be helpful.


@Ted22 @fearsomefour thanks for the advice guys!
My week got a lot better i hit the ball pretty well after the day where I did bad. Today I threw in a inter squad and it was alright. Curveball was down right filthy. I threw some first pitch curves for strikes. I kept missing my change up high, but not like hanging change up more like at the shoulders. Fastball was kinda inconsistent. I missed over the plate about 3 times which was too many cause guys crushed it. The coaches told me to work on getting the ball away from my ear and to not fall off, and also to make sure I finish on the changeup. First scrimmage is Monday, so I probably won’t get to pitch in it. Might see time at third or first though. Really excited. Here we go.


Funny story, scrimmage was cancelled cause it snowed last night. Wasn’t expecting that. Should be able to scrimmage tomorrow


Way to bounce back.
That is great thing about baseball, usually, there is another opportunity around the corner. Keep working hard.


Well Tuesday’s scrimmage was cancelled cause the field was too wet after the snow. We have one scrimmage tomorrow and two on Friday, so I’ll probably get some playing time. I hurt my groin yesterday and went to the trainer and he thinks I pulled it. The only thing that really hurts bad is throwing, but it’s uncomfortable when running and fielding. Doesn’t affect my hitting very much. I’m just trying to play through it. Ice and Ibuprofen hopefully it’ll get better soon.


First scrimmage today was pretty good. We won 17-3. We played 9 innings and I got in the game after the 5th. I played third for two innings and first for the rest. In the field I made an error at third which upset me but I didn’t show it. Just tried to throw before I got the ball kinda thing. Need to get a better angle and take my time next time. At the plate I went 1-2. My first AB was a strikeout and two of the “strikes” weren’t even close. But hey what can you do when the other teams coach is calling balls and strikes. I got a single with the bases loaded that drove in 2 runs and I hit the ball pretty hard. Would’ve been a double if the kid ahead of me on the base paths would’ve went to third, I mean he could’ve made it easy.
We have two more,scrimmages tomorrow and I’ll probably get to throw then, and if I don’t then Monday for sure. Tough opponents, schools much bigger than us, just gives us a chance to show that we can play with anybody.


Didn’t get to pitch on Friday, was supposed to be yesterday’s starter, but it got snowed out. Weather is looking pretty bad for the next week or so. Looks like we will be stuck inside.


We scrimmaged today and it sucked. Wind chill in single digits. I played first base and pitched. Disappointed with today. Played alright defense, but went 0-2 at the plate and pitching sucked. Not trying to make excuses but I felt like the cold slowed down my reflexes, cause the pitcher on the other team wasn’t throwing hard and didn’t have too good stuff. I actually started throwing a forkball a little bit and it’s nasty. I know that it can put a lot of wear on your arm, but I’m trying to be careful and its already a plus pitch for me. But it is near impossible to throw when you can’t feel your fingers. Didn’t throw a single curveball which is weird considering it had been my best pitch the last month or too. Just gotta rebound. Season starts next Thursday. Hopefully I’ll get in some good practice until then and be ready for any oppritinuties I get.


Hard to play when it is that cold. Stay positive. Long term success is about the process not the immediate result.

Good luck,



First game is supposed to be tomorrow, but it’s currently snowing so we’ll see. We play district games Monday and Tuesday and then non district games Thursday Friday Saturday? Looks like I’m heading into the season as a late week picther, probably relief Thursday start Saturday. As for the field I might get some time in at third and first. Hopefully I can work my way into the starting lineup. Might start some outfield work in my free time because we are graduating all three outfielders so we might need some help out there. Went and hit and worked on grounders and lightly lifted today. I really need to gain weight and next summer is probably when I’m gonna do that. Also need to get faster. And improve my velocity. I’ll try to work on that stuff in season. Also not sure if I mentioned that I’m throwing a forkball now. Just started throwing it in bullpens and Im already throwing it in scrimmages so I guess it’s developing quick.


Just thought I would drop a little update. We didn’t play today, but it’s looking like we will play tomorrow. I got varsity and jv uniforms so I’ll play both which makes me happy. I know I’ll get some good experience from the jv team and hopefully I’ll be able to help the varsity team. Threw a flat ground today and it was alright. Think I ironed out some wrinkles in my mechanics. Hitting wise I think I’m ready to get back into it and facing some live pitching. Pretty excited!


Good luck tomorrow. Take care of that arm sounds like your going to get plenty of chances to use it.


Congrats Astro…
Make sure you are proactive with recovery with your throwing. If you are moving up and down as needed you need to make sure you take care of you…if that makes sense.


Yesterday went well, we won the varsity game. I didn’t get to play but Im happy I got to be there and at least maybe gotten a chance. In the jv game I started at third and got nothing hit to me. I came in for 2 innings of relief and I think I threw pretty well. Only made one big mistake and it was leaving a changeup over the plate, but at least it wasn’t belt high. I gave up 2 runs (neither earned). I had three K’s. My curveball was pretty good and so was my change up. Forkball wasn’t too pretty, but hey it’s a work in progress. Today we had to come out for practice in the morning and we ran like 1 1/2 miles and then played catch and ran sprints. I hit after that. I came home and played basketball for a while. I might go up and hit later.


Hey man, congratulations on getting the first game in. Did your JV team win? 3 Ks sounds pretty strong.


Nice outing. Keep it up!


No we lost by two. We had bases loaded and not outs but we hit the 3 run rule that they had to make the game quicker.


Got district games on Monday and Tuesday, play on Thursday, then spring break next week. We are playing in a tournament in Arizona over spring break, so I’m really looking forward to that!


Wow! Arizona sounds mighty fine right now. You should have some perfect weather for your tournament. Keep us posted if you can.


Rained all day today so game today was cancelled and tomorrow will probably be too. Probably throw a flat ground tomorrow and we’ll hit for a while. Weather looks good so Thursdays game will probably happen. We play a really bad team. Then some good competition over spring break before two district games Monday and Tuesday when we get back.