Small Town Kid, Big City Dreams


Got back from the showcase. I didn’t do nearly as well as I wanted to or could have. I did alright though. Fall league starts the last week of August and school starts in about a week. My goal this year is to continue lifting through school which I didn’t do last year and I lost a lot of progress.


I will be taking a leave of absence from the forum. I will return in late fall or winter. Have a lot of things on my plate right now. I will continue to train and throw and progression.


I haven’t posted here in 267 days. Not gonna lie, our season was a giant disappointment. We won like 8 games and I went hit less at the plate for 15 games… On the mound I won 4 games, two were complete game shutouts. I was a first team all district pitcher. Our defense made 89 errors in 33 games… In one game I started and gave up 0 earned runs over 6 and lost because we made 7 errors. On the bright side for me, in the last ten games of the year I hit .370, with a couple doubles. I still want to play in college. I haven’t really talked to any coaches because they never email or text me back after initial responses… I hit 83 on the gun last week. I am playing on a summer team and going to a JUCO tryout this weekend. On the year I threw 63% strikes. Not trying to make excuses, but the majority of the walks I had came after errors extended innings. I had 38 strikeouts in 43 innings, with 26 walks. I picked off 7 runners on the year. I already graduated and haven’t committed anywhere. I can’t help but wonder if it’s too late…


I am going to play at a JUCO. Summer season went well, we were a good team. I’m working out everyday and am very excited to get after it on campus. I think that with the right program and structure I can gain velocity fairly well. I hope to be sitting 83-85. During my high school season I was probably sitting about 80-82. Goal is to be at 90 before sophomore year. I know it seems ridiculous but I’ll have more than a year to get a lot stronger and more throwing. I didn’t really have any structure for gaining velocity in high school, but now I do. I’ll also study pitchers that throw hard and work to refine my mechanics.


Crazy to think that I first posted here three years ago…
There has been a change of plans for me. Some family stuff came up and I wasn’t comfortable at the juco or with the lesser academics. I decided to attend a D2 school closer to home. I went to the walk on tryout and had a great bullpen. They called me and said that they were already carrying 24 pitchers and they couldn’t take me on. So now I am not playing baseball… My plan is to continue to workout, to keep my body in shape and get stronger (if I am 100% finished, I still want to lift). I am going to call the coach back and ask if they might be interested for next year after they graduate some pitching. All I can do is lift and throw and try to get my velocity up. This will be my last post here for a long time. To all those kids who are early in high school and have the dream to play in college, don’t make the same mistakes I did. Although I did gain 40 pounds and put on at least 10 MPH, I wish I would have lifted even more. Throw as much as possible. From my experience, college coaches don’t care if you hit spots and get weak contact and have great off speed pitches. They care about velocity. So work hard and throw gas, but remember that you’re a pitcher, and the number one goal when you are on the mound is get guys out. Thanks to everyone on the forum. Astro25 signing off.