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Last week I pitched on Monday and Friday. Combined in those games I went 5.2 innings, gave up 12 hits, 11 earned runs, 7 walks and 4 strikeouts. I have no clue what has been happening for the past three outings. Nobody is hitting the ball hard its just falling or finding a hole every single time. It’s been rough. At the plate, I’m only hitting .222 but my OBP is .533. I’ve been walking and getting hit a lot lately and I hit 2 hole for the first time yesterday. The team is going through a rough stretch right now, we are 4 games under .500, but we are still second in our district and play the best team on Monday and Tuesday so if we pull those out it would be huge.


Stay with it & keep a positive attitude. A couple of rough outings does not make you a bad pitcher same as a great outing doesn’t make you a great one. Dust your self off, go back out and give them your best stuff (with confidence). Best of luck!


Pitched yesterday and it was the same thing. One inning, four “earned runs”. It’s hard to pitch when every single ball hit to the outfield is misplayed. I did give up the first bomb of my career so that helps too. The team is really struggling now. We can get 2 of the 3 main parts to win (hit, pitch, field) but never all 3. We played really well and lost to the best team in the state by 1 and then lost two to an average at best team. At the plate, I’m getting on base a ton, but my batting average is still low. My body has been sore a lot and my shoulder has been acting up a bit. Only two weeks until playoffs.


Baseball is a humbling game.
Playing football if a guy is struggling, lets say blocking, he can get help from a lineman or a tight end or whatever. If a corner back is having trouble covering a safety can be brought over to help. In basketball if your shot abandons you you can hustle harder than normal for rebounds, can find guys to pass to, set picks, and bust your butt on D. In baseball it boils down to the pitcher versus the hitter. As a pitcher you may do everything correctly and a flare off of a bad swing drops in…or, a ball is misplayed and is scored a hit and not an error. This is the game.
You have had success pretty regularly is seems up until this current stretch. Everyone is humbled, no matter their talent, if they play baseball. Everyone.
Hang in there, keep your focus, do YOUR work.
I will leave you with a quote from Alan Jaeger…“Master yourself and your opponent no longer matters.”


Thanks for that advice @fearsomefour. Much appreciated. Im still in the top 4 in the rotation so I guess it’s good that the coaches still have confidence in me. I need to just keep working hard and working on the mental side as well.


Had a game against the team i pitched against in my first outing of the season. (See previous posts). I played first and went 1-3 with an rbi single. I also pitched. The first inning I pitched in relief I let up a hit and hit a kid but struck out two to get out of a jam. The next inning I let up a “hit”, a kid leaned into a pitch, and the right fielder dropped a fly ball and that was my day. I finished giving up 3 and getting chased before recording an out in my second inning of relief. At least I had one somewhat decent inning.


Well our season is over. We finished 10 games under .500, we had three starters miss at least a month due to injury, and two more quit mid season for football. My season wasn’t very good. I hit .189 with 7 RBI’s, my OBP was .500 on the dot. I know that I’m better than my average indicates. In the field I made 6 errors in 27 games. On the mound I was 2-5 with a 6.03 ERA. 29 innings, 25 earned runs, 22 strikeouts, 18 walks. A lot of those runs and walks came after missed defensive opportunities. With these stats, do I still have a chance at college ball? I’m going to continue to lift this summer and work hard and do some showcase stuff. Looking forward to summer ball.


Absolutely you still have a chance at playing college ball. Don’t think college coaches are going to make determinations based on HS stats. Hopefully you’ve found a summer team that offers exposure opportunities. Target college showcases that you’re interested in that match your skill level. You don’t need to spend a fortune. Showcases are generally much shorter and less expensive than camps, more bang for your buck. Good luck and best wishes for a great summer!


Have a tryout for a team this Sunday. School summer ball starts on the 31st. I’ve been playing long toss and hitting all week.


The tryout got rained out and moved to next Sunday. It’s more of an event than a team its a team that represents the state for a weekend. I think I am playing with a team that has had a couple D1 kids play on it in the past few years so hopefully I can get a lot of innings and at bats this summer.


Big weekend coming up. On Sunday I have the event tryout thing from 8:30-5:30 then have the travel team tryout/practice at 5:30 plus finals next week plus my cousins graduation on Saturday. Full weekend ahead.


Well the evaluation camp tryout thing went well. My friend there said that I ran my 60 better than he excpeted. I hit 81 on the gun from the mound and I didn’t find out what I threw across the infield or my 60 time. I hit well in bp and in the 2 six inning scrimmages I went 3-4 with 4 RBI’s and a walk. I made some good plays out in the field at third. On the mound I pitched two innings giving up one earned run with four K’s and one walk and one hit. I actually may not play for the travel team and opt for the showcase rout. If I didn’t play on the team I would have more time to workout and I could get a job which would be helpful. Thoughts? Might attend some prospect camps at some colleges or some PG events.


What type of travel team? If its a group of kids playing local tournaments I’d probably opt for the showcase route. Choose the option that gives you the most exposure opportunity. Are you a 2017?


Yeah I’m a 2017. And I don’t think I’m going to play for that team because there’s another one where I actually know some kids and it’s a better fit for me. There’s a camp at a D1 in August with 2 D1 coaches and a bunch of D2/D3/Juco schools at it. My goal is to put on 20 pounds of muscle before Christmas so I’ll be at 6’2, 200.


Finished summer season. I have stats written down so I’ll post those later. We were a lot better in the summer. I hit 3 hole then I went to the showcase tournament for the team I made in the middle of summer. I pitched well against teams with all D1 kids. I went against a Georgia Tech commit and matched him pitch for pitch. When I got back to school summer ball I hit 2 hole. I gave up 3 earned runs all summer and they all came in my last outing against a legion team when I threw 110 pitches in 6 innings. I hit well with a wood bat. I’m playing with a summer team in a few tournaments in July and I’m lifting and long tossing every day. My goals before next season starts.
*get to 200 lbs
*sit in low-mid 80’s.
*increase bat speed
*improve defense
This is my year to be “the guy” for my school team. We only have 5 seniors and 4 of us want to play college ball. Excited for the process and the grind to come!


Here are my stats from the summer:
Position Stats:
Avg- .400
OBP- .583
Errors- 5 (three in second to last game, which was one of my worst ever lol)
K- 15
Earned Runs-3
Team went 8-4 when I was there.


Here’s my plan for the rest of the summer:
*I’m working out every day.
*Playing for a team in July, not really showcase, but I know some of the kids and will get some at bats and innings.
*long toss 3 times a week (unless I pitch in games)
*Going to a showcase at a D1 school with a bunch of coaches. I’m going as a third baseman because I feel like I wouldn’t throw hard enough to get noticed at the time. I would have a better chance at third base.
*once I finish the showcase in August I’ll be lifting and throwing every day. I need to gain 20 pounds of muscle before the season starts.
Only one full month left of summer. I’ll be out of town so Happy Fourth of July!


Turns out that the team I was going to play for being 17u really had emphasis on the “u”. About half the kids were going to be sophomores and were like 15, and I disarm want to play with a bunch of younger kids because I figured it wouldn’t help me. So I’m just lifting and working out and hitting and long tossing. I might try to do another showcase also. I’m going to resume throwing bullpens next week.


Had some very quality tee work in the past couple days. Tomorrow I think I’m gonna start hitting off the machine or live BP again. It’s raining so I probably won’t be able to take any ground balls. I might try and see what I’m registering on the gun tomorrow. Hoping that my school team will play in a fall league. It would be way better for me and the team to be playing in some games together the playing for separate fall teams. I have about a month until this one showcase, so I need to work hard every day and be at my best for it!


Had some solid workouts and threw in a rest day a few days back. I’m weighing in every Friday so I’ll have an updated weight tomorrow. I need to start doing some new things in my workouts to vary them. Next week I’ll start playing catch every day, which will lead up to this showcase the first weekend in August and fall ball. I’ve thrown off and on the last few weeks, trying to do it on leg days for sure.