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If I’ve learned anything in the past few weeks it’s that shin splints suck. I still function okay but it’s like they hurt all the time when I do something athletic. They hurt during PE basketball and they hurt at practice a lot. I’m trying ice and ibuprofen but I guess I’ve been kinda slacking on the ice. I’m in a tough spot on the team right now. Our best player is a senior and plays third and I’m either our second or third best player and I also play third. He also is one of our two best pitchers so he’ll probably get around 40 innings this year so I’ll play third then, but I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’ve earned it, and I definitely should be starting SOMEWHERE. Our outfield is very questionable so maybe I’ll get some reps out there. As for pitching, right now I’m the number 4 guy so I’ll probably get late week starts or relief in district games. I’ve just gotta stay on my grind. Less than two weeks until scrimmages start.


Usually coaches will find a way to get their best guys out there. When he is playing third you may find yourself in the OF or on the mound.
The shin splints are tough. Been there. After years of running in bad shoes on cement without stretching properly I ended up with a killer case of shin splints. The only thing that worked for me was stopping running and stretching…it took about a year for mine to totally heal.
Basically shin splints are an over use injury…the muscles on the inside (usually inside) of the shin are inflamed and irritated and sometimes ;all away from the bone a little bit. Because you cannot rest because of baseball there are a couple of things that may help…
One thing I would suggest up front is to get some good tape, KB tape works well, there are other kinds that will work as well. Wrap the shins up tightly. This will help reduce the swelling and gives support to the muscles. So, I would ice everyday a couple of times a day. I would wrap them before practice and I would avoid any extra running if possible. Also, doing simple stretches…rolling the foot around clock wise and counter clock wise while elevated off of the ground and also pointing the toe and bringing the foot back up (toes toward the knee) as far as possible can loosen it a little bit.


Threw 40 pitches yesterday and it was terrible. I was throwing just fine and then all of a sudden the coaches started messing with my mechanics and I couldn’t do anything. I don’t even want to talk about it because it is so frustrating to think about. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I was throwing strikes and had been throwing well and now I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. I’ll throw a flat ground this weekend and get it ironed out.


You can’t mess with mechanics and expect improvement immediately. Even assuming the changes are well informed. … which they may or may not be. … only small changes can be made on the fly. Bigger changes will require a lot of reps to commit to muscle memory.


Frankly, ignore your coach. You throw well. Most coaches, unfortunately, feel the need to coach. Usually with verbal commands and stuff that frankly, means nothing.
Baseball coaching as a general rule, when it comes to the development of the individual player, is pathetic.


Sadly, I agree. If the coach is suggesting major changes in your delivery, you need to ignore him. The problem with taking advice on mechanics from a team coach is it’s probably coming as the season is already beginning. That’s just not the time to be making big changes…which should come much earlier in the off-season. So, it’s not even a matter of whether the advice is good or not. It’s at the wrong time to be of any use. Changes now will cause inconsistency, which will cause control problems. Try to pretend you’re implementing their suggestion…but don’t. :slight_smile:


haha i do that all the time. like some random staff member from a baseball facility will be trying to change my windup and i’ll do it while he’s watching then just go back to my normal windup.


Are you in high school? It can sometimes be a dilemma with high school coaches. My daughter batted 9th in the order her junior and senior years… And this was a girl who was offered a scholarship for her powerful hitting. We had her going to a hitting coach as well.

The high school coach though felt she knew the proper way to swing a bat and constantly threatened players by saying they would sit the bench if the did not swing the way she wanted… which incidentally looked like a rec ball stance from 1984.

No advice here other this to say you can get better exposure through travel teams so don’t sweat the school stuff too much. Maybe a one on one talk with the coach would help and express your concerns in a professional manner. In my daughters case… The coach would have none of that so good luck.


Thanks to everybody for the coach advice, however there is a problem considering my dad is the coach. He’s not the one making the changes though. It’s the “pitching coach” who played like two years of NAIA ball and thinks he’s a guru or something. I don’t think it’s a very good idea to be making changes considering that a week from Monday is our first scrimmage. I’m just gonna keep my head up and keep working.


Threw 40 pitches love to hitters yesterday. I didn’t let up any hits and had three strikeouts and one walk. The wind was blowing pretty hard and I didn’t feel well but I still threw well. I stayed home sick today so that sucks. Scrimmages start next week and we’ve got flat grounds on Friday.


Scrimmages start on Tuesday, worked on my curveball and hit and took some grinders today. Pretty productive day.


Had our first scrimmage today. I DH’ed and went 1-3 with 2 RBI’s. My first at bat I hit the ball really well but the wind was blowing in from left center about 30 MPH so the wind killed it. My teammates said they thought it was going out. I also threw one inning and it was awful. I don’t even really remember it other than a few walks and a few ground balls that found holes. I also couldn’t throw a curveball to save my life so I need to work on that. Practice tomorrow, then scrimmages the next three days against good teams.


Scrimmaged throughout the week. Thursday I started at third and went 1-3 with a double and made all of my plays. Friday we had a double header. I started pitching the first game and went 3 strong striking out 5 only letting up one hit. We have a rule that whoever is pitching gets DH’ed for so they only focus on pitching. I played first in the second game and went 0-1 with a fly out and a walk. I hit the flyout pretty well just right at the right fielder. Today we had a double header as well. I started at third in the first game and went 2-2 with an RBI singe and a double that I hit over the center fielder’s head and I got thrown out going for the triple. I DH’ed the second game and went 0-1 with a walk. It seems like I might be the DH this year and play third in some situations.


After hitting well last week I’ve been struggling this week. Don’t know what it is, just haven’t been able to make solid contact and it seems like I get hosed by every ump. Anyways, I came in and threw 3 innings of relief today. I threw 3 and gave up 1 hit and a walk and no strike outs. My first inning was only 5 pitches. In my last two outings I haven’t thrown a curveball. It’s been all fastball-change up. I’m working on transitioning the curveball to be more like a slider. Last scrimmage is tomorrow and the first game is Tuesday.


The first two games are in the books. I started at third in both games. In the first game I went 0-2 with two walks and today I went 1-3 with 2 RBI’s and a HBP. I haven’t pitched yet but I threw a 30 pitch bullpen yesterday to keep my arm in shape. We lost the first game 6-4 and won the second game 5-2. Next game is on Monday and we play a good team, and I think I might pitch, so I’m excited for the challenge.


Had a game against a team that is pretty good every year and is always in contention for a state title. I got the start on the mound and I was pretty good. I went 6 1/3 innings giving up only 4 hits, no runs, no walks, and 5 K’s. I got out of a bases loaded no out jam and battled back from being down 3-0 twice. I had 19 first pitch strikes. I also threw a 4 pitch inning. My limit was 65 pitches and they pulled me at 67 after 6 and a third. I was kind of upset that I didn’t get to finish it, but I got the W and we won 2-0. District games open up this weekend and we don’t play till then.


Last weekend we had our first two district games against a team that made state last year. They also had a kid committed to a top 10 D1 school. Anyways we won the first game by 10. Then the D1 kid pitched in the second game and we beat them 5-2. We scored all five runs off that kid. I DH’ed in both games and went 2-3 with 2 RBI’s in the first game and 1-3 with a walk in the second. I also pitched two innings in the last game, I let up one “hit” (a play that should have been made but wasn’t ruled an error) and hit one kid but u picked up the save. We are now 4-1 and we are in a tournament tomorrow through the weekend. We have a legit shot to win it so it should be pretty fun.


Today is an off day in the tournament for some reason. We played Wednesday and it was probably the most embarrassing day I’ve ever had in my baseball career. We were by far the best team in their tournament. We coughed up a 7 run lead in the first game and lost. Then we lost to a mediocre team by a run. Just a bad day overall. I went 0-4 between the two games but I did have 2 RBI’s. Then we played the team that we lost the lead to yesterday. I started the game on the mound. I went three innings giving up no runs with one hit, one walk, and one K. Again, the hit was a ball that should have been caught by an outfielder. The reason I only went three is because they wanted me and the other two kids that pitched to be ready for Monday’s district double header. I’ve only given up one run in 11.1 innings so far so I think I’m doing alright.


Had practice today and it was pretty productive. I think I’m finding my stroke again at the plate, so that’s a good thing. We have a district double header tomorrow and I’ll probably pitch at some point tomorrow.


In the last two weeks I have pitched twice. The first time was in relief and my line was 4 IP, 2 hits, 0 Runs, 6 K’s and 2 BB’s. The second time my line was 3 IP, 6 hits, 8 runs (2 ER), 0 K’s and 3 BB’s. Defense had 5 errors the three innings I was on the mound. At the plate I’ve been seeing the ball better and have been drawing a lot more walks and striking out less. My OBP is second on the team. I’ve been hitting the ball right at people and it’s frustrating but it happens. As a team we played horrible in a tournament this weekend and a week from tomorrow we play our biggest games of the year against a district opponent.