Small Town Kid, Big City Dreams


Threw today. It was a little scrimmage deal and I hated it. We had to start with a 2-1 count and it just irritated me. I made good pitches to the first three hitters and it was downhill after that. We were also limited to throwing fastballs and change ups no breaking balls, which also limited me. I think the reason I didn’t throw well was because the entire 2-1 no curveball concept just made me mad. Throwing a bullpen on Monday so hopefully I can straighten some things out.


Threw a bullpen today. Threw pretty well. Was able to command all my pitches well. Only issue was that when I was throwing from the stretch it hurt to land. It was like in the groin and hamstring and it only happened when I rotated. It’s finals week so there is no practice, so I’ll have to hit on my own somewhere other than school.


There’s a slight chance that I might be playing center this year. Our starting center fielder last year moved, and the kid that was going to start in center this year is transferring. We were taking infield and me and two other kids were at third and one of the coaches was telling us that we would all three need to be on the field at the same time because of our bats and athleticism. I would love to stay at third, but centerfield wouldn’t suck. I like playing outfield. So maybe I’ll get to play there. Throwing bullpens on Mondays for the next two weeks. Might throw a flat ground on Friday.


Lucky! I’ve always wanted to play center but i’ve never been fast enough. I’m good at judging fly balls and i have a good arm but i have no range. that’s why coaches like to put me in right field or at third/first base alot haha


I’m not fast either lol. I get really good jumps on fly balls and I get there pretty efficiently. Doesn’t hurt that our home field isn’t on the large side, so there’s less space to cover. Like my situation is that I know I’m going to start somewhere, we just don’t know where yet lol coaches need to decide already.


Here’s a summary of the past week. I lifted on Monday and Wednesday and threw on Monday. I was going to lift today but there is some severe weather so I’ll have to make use of what I have at home. Next week it’s going to be really cold but I am planning to play some long toss and lift if the weather is good enough.


Gonna try and get some good lifting in tomorrow then probably Saturday too. I looked on the website of the travel team that I tried out for. They haven’t released the teams yet, but since it’s been about three weeks I would think they know the teams. I haven’t heard anything from them which makes me think that I didn’t make it. That irritates me because I know a bunch of kids that play for the team and I’m a better player than them (not trying to sound arrogant). There are like three other teams that I could potentially play for, but none come even close to the amount of exposure as the first team. I’m just going to use it as motivation to work hard and show them that they missed out. Fuel the fire.


Been doing light workouts by myself for the last few days. It’s been below freezing for the last week or two and I hate it. It’s going to be in the upper 40’s next week, so that’s good. I go back to school next week and we’ll start to practice longer and harder. About a month and a half till the first scrimmage. My plan is to work out on weekends and maybe Wednesday mornings. I just don’t want my body to be super fatigued for practices so that’s why weekends, but I’ll go hard on weekends. My goal for the season in terms of weights is to retain the strength I have and staying in shape.
New Year new goals these are my goals that I hope to reach by 2017.

  1. Develop a solid two seam
  2. Get up into the mid 80’s.
  3. Get stronger and faster.
  4. Weight up to 190.
    My goals for the season:
  5. Win State
  6. Hit .400+
  7. Don’t make very many errors.
  8. Don’t walk people.
  9. BAA under .215


Been practicing outside for the last two days in 40’degree weather. I love being able to be out on the field and taking ground balls and everything, but hitting in that weather with a wood bat is a nightmare! I’ve been staying late after practice to take some extra BP and I hit the hardest hit ball of my life today. Absolutely demolished. It’s going to be raining for the next few days so we’ll probably throw bullpens tomorrow. Been doing a little workout routine with push-ups, sit-ups, wrist curls, and some band work every night just to keep in shape a little bit. Our team strength is our pitching and it’s looking like I’ll log a lot of innings this season. Gotta keep my arm and body in good shape.


Threw a 30 pitch bullpen today, and it was pretty good. I could locate everything really well and everything moved good. My only thing is that over there break I spent time working on my release point of my curveball because it was a completely different slot than my change and fastball, so I fixed it and am throwing everything out of the same arm slot/ location/ arm speed. I was throwing a big breaking curveball, but the coaches wanted me to get it to be sharper and an out pitch, so I’m working on that. I also have been emailing back and forth with an assistant at a D1 school so that’s good. I might be going to a showcase next month so I can get some feedback and video. Scrimmages start 5 weeks from Monday. Crazy excited.


My arm was pretty sore over the weekend and didn’t feel amazing today. Gonna ice some tonight. My hitting has been average at best in the last few days. Don’t know what it is, maybe it’s hitting outside in the cold, but I’m not using that as an excuse. Might try to get in some extra tee work before practice tomorrow.


Today was rough I’m not gonna lie. My body felt really tight and I couldn’t get loose. My hitting was horrific. My arm felt a little better today, but it wasn’t as accurate as it usually is from the infield. I spent about two hours after practice working on fixing whatever I was doing wrong. I find it extremely interesting how it can take so long to build a great swing and how fast it can become broken. I think part of it was mental. I need to focus more and not try so hard. One of my coaches said that I was starting to try too hard and get frustrated and I needed to relax, so I’m gonna be more loose tomorrow.


Today was much better. I hit a lot better and felt pretty good. We ran 3 miles after practice too so I’m pretty worn out from that. My arm was a tad sore, and I think we’re throwing bullpens tomorrow.


Threw off the mound to live hitters today. I threw really well. I threw 30 pitches and only let up one hit and didn’t walk anybody. I had 4 K’s as well. I’m thinking about not throwing the forkball anymore because I can’t get it to move anymore and I leave it up way too much. Maybe I’ll try a splitter instead. I also have fixed my hitting problem and did really well after practice today. I’m really sore though, we’ve been doing a lot of conditioning lately and will continue to, I don’t think I’m going to even throw this weekend so that I can try and rest my arm up a little bit.


Had a day off from school, but we still practiced. We were inside and we just hit and did a workout video. I’m supposed to throw on Wednesday this week. My arm has hurt the last couple days. I didn’t throw on Saturday or today and played light catch with no pain on Sunday. Hopefully when we practice tomorrow it’ll feel good.


If your arm isn’t feeling up to it or is hurting on Wednesday let the coach know.
No need to push it in January.


Threw a 40 pitch bullpen today. Threw well, hit spots well and everything moved well. I have shin splints right now so that really sucks. My hitting has been solid this week as well.


Didn’t really throw this weekend. Used it as an opportunity to get my arm rested again. Although after I threw my bullpen this week my arm didn’t hurt in the following days so that’s a bonus. On a negative note I’ve had shin splints for about a week and a half and it just sucks. I took some ground balls yesterday and today and the weather here is supposed to be good this week. On a separate note, I’ve been contacting college coaches and have gotten actual responses from three. One is a Power Five school and the coach I had been emailing back and forth with actually called me and we had a five minute conversation in which he invited me to a camp in August. How should I handle this?


Threw 40 pitches live to hitters today. My fastball was really good today and my change up was too. My curveball was alright better sometimes than others. I had some concentration issues I guess. We had to work on our delivery time from home to first and they were timing us and all that. I hate the slide step honestly I can never get any power out of my legs it’s just like I’m playing light catch with a faster arm speed. I figure that if I mix in the slide step and mix my looks and timing then it would be more effective than a slide step every single time.


Did another day of pitchers throwing live to hitters off the mound. It was basically an intrasquad scrimmage. I saw one pitch on the day and I went yard! First pitch of the day and I took it over the left center wall. I was pretty pumped! Also had a good day fielding. I also had an old friend and teammate commit D1 so that’s pretty cool too!