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Started week 2 of TuffCuff today. It’s been going well so far. I couldn’t run long sprints cause it’s been raining and there’s puddles everywhere, so I just did more short sprints. My arm has felt good and we’re throwing flat grounds.


what gym do u go to or do u work out at your school?


I work out at my school. In the back of our baseball facility we have some weights and stuff like that.


Started week three of TuffCuff today. I’m feeling pretty good and I feel like I’m improving. My arm feels good. What are everybody’s opinions on weighed ball training? I’ve seen some things and I have done a little research, and the idea is intriguing.


Love the weighted balls.
I think they are fantastic in a couple of different ways. Overload/underload training is a pretty fundamental part of training in most endeavors.
Need to proceed with a plan and go about it the right way. Realize the underload balls are way more dangerous than the overweight balls generally.
There is a lot of misinformation about weighted baseballs and their use.
The first question I would ask you to ask yourself is why do football QBs not have the throwing injuries that baseball pitchers do?


Honestly I have no clue. I’ve thought about that a lot actually but have never really understood it. Any explaination?


I thought about this as well.
I had a coach of my sons yell at me, literally yell at me, when I brought up weighted baseballs. He said they lead to injury. I was familiar enough with some other training stuff, track and field for example, to know that overload/underload training is common in other sports. He followed up yelling at me by suggesting he throw a football for arm strength. This made zero sense of course. He just knew that QBs don’t get injured like pitchers do. He didn’t know why. I thought about it and I finally realized it is not the weight of the ball…an average football weights three times that of a baseball…it is the arm speed. Because the football weighs more the arm cannot move as quickly. It is the arm speed that is dangerous if someone is not well prepared.
It makes sense in a way. The majority of injuries in pitchers occur at or after ball release…the shoulder, back, forearm and other physical mechanisms are struggling to slow the arm. This is why the risk of injury is generally higher for a guy throwing 90 + as opposed to a guy throwing 80…and it escalates pretty steeply.
This is why throwing underweight baseballs is way more dangerous than over weight balls.
So, weighted balls are good for a couple of things. They can be used to correct bad throwing patterns. Adaptation is a key component of any training. The body has to learn to move more efficiently as it is challenged. If someone is doing body weight squats for example there is a lot of room for bad movement patters. When they start putting weight on a bar, then heavy weight on a bar, their body is forced to learn to move efficiently through the lift in order to execute it.
The weight of a baseball, 5 oz, is random. There is no magical reason it is 5 oz. So, throwing a 7 oz baseball is really no more inherently dangerous than throwing a 5 oz ball. Your body is already used to a 5 oz ball.
Just like any training guys get into trouble by not understanding what to do, jumping in way too fast way too soon or training badly.
Weighted balls are not a magic bullet and they are not a toy. No long toss with a weighted ball, no throwing off of a mound with a weight ball. There needs to be a good foundation of health and a good throwing foundation before any weighted ball program should be attacked.
I believe that weighed balls need to be thrown balls out, so to speak. Thrown hard to maximize results. This is why a good on ramping program is key.
Driveline Baseball has a very good free program that is 12 or so weeks long.


Great explanation! Makes me think of when Tom House was the pitching coach of the Rangers that he had them throwing around footballs in the outfield.


Been doing a lot of running lately. TuffCuff is going well. I’ve also been eating a lot and eating better because I’m trying to get up to 185. The weather has been great so we have had a lot of time on the field working on grounders and fly balls and stuff like that.


A big part of House’s use of footballs is he believes when a football is thrown as a spiral it is a very good mechanical model in terms of the actual throwing arm…he also thinks there is a cross over training effect.


Woke up at 6 this morning and did TuffCuff before school, and then we wound up maxing after school. I’m back up to what I was squatting in the summer and I’m benching 20 more pounds. On TuffCuff days I’m going to do it in the morning, it’s a good start to the day and I’m actually awake for my morning classes lol. I eat breakfast at school every day. Starting to throw off a mound this week I think. We are doing a lot of running before a week off for Thanksgiving next week. Crazy to think that after November, it’ll only be three months till scrimmages! Can’t wait!


Threw a bullpen to hitters the other day. Only one kid made solid contact out of 7 hitters and it was on a fastball that I left up a little bit. My change up is my best pitch, and it’s filthy. My curveball was really good too, but I left too many fastballs up. We ran a lot today. I’ve been hitting well lately as well. I’m trying out for a travel team for next summer here in a few weeks so I wanna be ready for that.


Having trouble sleeping right now, so thought I would throw an update out there.
The weather here is about to go bad after Thanksgiving. I did my TuffCuff workout today and hit off a tee for a bit. I’m gonna take Thanksgiving off from baseball just to let my body and mind recoup a bit. My body didn’t feel great today but hey everybody has those days. I’m gonna try to throw a bullpen and hit on Friday.Plan for the weekend is workout and watch football on Saturday, do homework from the break on Sunday, and hit on Sunday as well. Then it’s back to school and our offseason workout/practice thing. Getting closer to the season…


Hey Astro does your forkball have knuckleball movement sometimes? I was messing around with a forkball the other day and my dad said it looked like a knuckleball (lack of spin)


Yeah most of the time it does. For me it depends wide the fork is. Sometimes I just throw it like a split and it spins and when I fork it wide it usually has a knuckle kind of spin.


Yeah same it was usually when I cut the ball in half with my fingers that it was the most like a knuckle ball


good for you thats awesome! nice pic btw




Had a solid week. Wednesday we did an extremely difficult and exhausting team workout, which worked out what I was gonna workout with TuffCuff and then some. Still a tad sore from that. Going to a tryout this Sunday. It’s a team in the PG top 75 travel team rankings, so if I make it (which I think I will) then I will be up against some good competition and get some good exposure. Gotta keep at the grind.


Went to the tryout today. I already knew I wasn’t fast so the 60 wasn’t disappointing, in fact, I ran it well for me. I didn’t do well fielding. It wasn’t even on a real field it was on a side grass field with dead grass and only four grounders. I did well hitting and pitching. I think I did well enough to make up for my lackluster fielding.
Waking up before school to work out tomorrow. Considering switching from the Hypertrophy phase to the Strength phase.