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Have you filled out the questionnaires for your target schools. That will at least get you on there lists. You should do that and then email the recruitng coordinator for each school. Are you looking to pitch or play a position?


I haven’t filled out any questionnaires because they ask for ACT scores which I’m taking in October and like class rank or something which I don’t know. I think that my best shot is as a position player. I know I can hit and I can play any infield position and outfield too.


Fill them out anyway and add the ACT scores when you get them. Find out your class rank and add it once you know. Get your 60 time as low as possible.

Good luck,



Did some stuff on my own today. Lifted yesterday and today I hit and took some fly balls and threw a little bit. I was gunned at 77, sitting around 75. I was a little disappointed that I’m not throwing harder, but my arm isn’t in midsession form or anything. Goal is to be in the 80’s by January. Need to be more consistent with my long toss. Team Offseason workouts starting tomorrow should help with playing long toss consistently. Also need to work on some mechanical things. Hitting I feel really good and I’m a lot bigger and stronger than I was last year. I’ll probably be playing right field this year, then back to third senior year.


Here’s a recap from last week from all things baseball:
They redid our districts so we are in a new one now.
Off season has been going on, we are lifting three days a week, running once a week, and playing long toss every day. Hitting and fielding are optional after we are finished with workouts, so of course I’ve been doing it. I played catch today and my arm felt great. It looks like I will be playing some outfield this year, so I need to start taking more fly balls. I’m working on some things right now hitting, trying to be more efficient and staying inside the ball better.
Here are my goals by January:
Throw 82-84
Improve bat speed
Become a good outfielder.


Team workouts for this week are oover.
My arm has been feeling really good. I’ve been working on some new drills, pitching and hitting wise.
I am also getting TuffCuff soon and I am really looking forward to that! Also have gotten more inites to some Perfect Game showcases. I know that some people think that they are a waste of money, but I feel like it would be benificial to get my name out there a little bit. Only worry is the cost, as we don’t have the money to spend on a bunch of showcases and that kind of stuff. I am just lookinng to have a great high school season and play on a good summer team next year.


Tuff Cuff is a great source.
A lot of really good information in there.


I’ve been working on the towel drill lately. Me and my brother are doing it every day. I’m also throwing long toss and lifting, although I feel like we’re not benefiting from the lifting because there are so many of us doing the same thing and people are all doing the same weight. I might start staying after and doing some more stuff. Also, in our training room we have a resistance band with a baseball on the end. What’s the point of it and how does it differ from the regular bands?


I don’t like the bands with a ball at the end. It is no different than, say, the J-bands in concept.
The reason I don’t like the ball at the end is you end up squeezing the ball…if the exercise gets a little tougher with more resistance the person ends up squeezing the ball harder. It is also not uncommon to see guys bend their hands down when squeezing the ball. I much prefer J-bands with a cuff sort of attachment that can either go around the wrist, much better for flys or reverse flys etc, or can be gripped by the hand.
Don’t care for the towel drill either.
If you are not getting the benefit you seek from lifting, for sure stay after and get after your own work. No one else is going to make sure you progress as much as you can.


It’s been a while since my last post. Been doing the lifting and running and long toss and I’ve been doing band work and everything and I feel good. My arm felt great today. Also I was playing basketball at home and I dunked for the first time so I am really happy about that! We can’t go on the baseball field for two weeks because they seeded it or fertilized it or something, so we are playing catch on the practice football field which is only about 65 yards.


I’ve felt great lately. I feel like I am throwing harder and just playing catch with my pitches and they’re dirty. I’ve been hitting really well lately too. I also got a letter in the mail from a D3 school about baseball. It’s a start, hopefully I can continue my progress.
Our pitching coach should be coming back next week and he’s probably going to put us on a tougher workout so that should be good.
My pitches are a 4-seam, circle change, curve, forkball, and I can throw a dirty slider but I’m not sure if I should incorporate it. Might alternate between that and another pitch either the curve or the fork, depending on how each pitch is on a certain day.


does the forkball kinda work like a splitter for you? i was thinking about throwing one. What grip do you use?


I throw it with this grip. How far I fork it depends. It’s kinda like a split. It has its own kind of movement. I’ve had teammates try to throw it when they play catch with me and they can’t get the same movement that I do. I heard that it isn’t the best for your arm, but I have thrown it without noticing anything different from my other pitches. In a 7 inning start I probably would throw about 12 forks at the very most.


My kid messes with a forkball & at times is impressive. Would work good as a changeup. His problem is control, says he doesn’t always know where its going. Has been told by two different pitching instructors to leave it alone, one of the worst pitches you can throw on your elbow.


I believe this to be the case.
Wouldn’t throw it until physical maturity.


Well we convinced the coaches to let us start throwing bullpens a little earlier this year. We’re throwing flat grounds on Thursday at about 50% effort and I’m pretty excited for it. My arm has felt great and k feel like I’m throwing harder. Worked with my mechanics to get more intent in the delivery. My hitting was off for about three days but I did well today.


Me and my brother ordered TuffCuff last week and it should be coming in tomorrow so I am excited for that. We are also lifting a lot more at offseason and it’s actually somewhat frustrating to me. To me, if a kid doesn’t want to lift then don’t make him. He’s just wasting everybody’s time. I enjoy lifting and I want to get better, but having everybody on the team do it at once when we don’t have the luxury of a full weight room isn’t necessary.


Received TuffCuff today and I’m excited to start it. I’m going to start it on Monday. I find the nutrition stuff very helpful because now I have a wider variety of things to eat when I trying to gain weight.


Work Hard! Eat plenty! Good luck!


Had my first day of TuffCuff today. It was pretty good. Should I follow the throwing schedule with it or can I do my own thing? (We throw bullpens on Thursday) I was thinking of long toss Tuesday-Friday-Sunday with regular catch in between. Been doing towel drills at practice. I need to work on my mechanics a little bit, but I feel good. I’ve been hitting very well lately. I also got an email from a D1 in Flordia about a camp (which is odd cause I’m in the Midwest). I responded to the email since it was addressed to me not one of the “Deat Prospects” emails. I told the coach that I wouldn’t be able to attend because of school and asked if there was a winter or summer camp that I could attend. Did I do the right thing? It wasn’t a school that I contacted first, but only two that I did responded. I filled out a lot of questionnaires and got a few generic emails. Next summer I’m really gonna try to get a lot of exposure. I’m gearing up for the spring season right now, working toward a great year!