Small Town Kid, Big City Dreams


Thought I would give an update on my maxes in lifting:
Up 40 lbs in bench
Up 110 pounds in squat
Up 30 pounds in curl bar
Up 12 pull-ups.
I seem to be sitting around 8 pounds gained.
One full week left until school so I’m really gonna work hard and push and eat!
I’m gonna try to get some good long toss in as well.
Might try to throw a bullpen and get the gun on me later next week too.


Nice gains. Keep it up. Remember that good grades will give you a lot more baseball options later on.


Had a good day lifting a little bit then some good cage work and infield drills. My arm was a little stiff today after playing a lot of catch yesterday. School starts Monday. I’ll probably lift after school and after practice once practice starts.


Good day today. Played long toss with a former teammate who is going to a D1 school this year. He said that he could tell that my arm had gotten a lot stronger.
So I’m starting my junior year next Monday. Should I start to email coaches? I’m thinking about sending an email to the coach of a school that I wouldn’t mind going to. What should I say? I’m really new to this recruiting thing. Any help would be appreciated!


Definitely start emailing coaches. I’m in the same boat as you and I plan on emailing them when my season is over. From what I heard, you should basically have a list of colleges. A few high D1, a few mid, and a few low. Email them saying you are interested in the school and baseball program, and also tell about yourself. Height, weight, age, grade, school, etc. if you have videos of you pitching in games, send those. Not just strikeout pitches, but how you work a batter. You could make a high light reel of strikeouts or good pitches, but also send a full game or inning. Don’t forget to email them your school schedule and summer schedule. They will email back, and you should email them maybe once every two weeks in because they may forget about you. You can ask about if the school is good at a certain major, or ask them how they think their team will be this year. Once the season starts, email them what games you will be pitching. Like I’ve said, I haven’t done this, but I’ve heard from people this is what to do. I don’t think they’ll be totally interested in stats, but if you have them add your K/9, K/BB, K%, those are the ones they care about


They only stats they care about are fastball velo (and GPA depending on the school).
The other stats are not verifiable and really don’t mean much.
If you send a video right away, keep it bare bones. No music, no fluff or nonsense. Name, grade, age, height, weight. Show a several pitches…third base view (if right handed, first base view if left handed) and from behind. The view facing the pitcher gives a good idea of mechanics. The view from behind may show movement. If you have velo that is better than average I would include gun readings in the video. Saying you throw 88 and having a video with no gun but looks slower does not help ones cause.
Keep the video short. 90 seconds or less.


So far I have a list of 35 schools. Some D1, D2, NAIA and JUCO.
I’ll proabaly add more to the list as the process continues. I don’t have a video yet. I am a two way player, so I am going to put in swing mechanics, fielding mechanics, throws across the infield, and pitching. My current unweighted GPA is a 3.6 but I did take a few AP classes that I made a B in. I’m planning on including my height, weight, positions, and GPA just as a way to get myself out there.
On another note next weekend I am trying out for a travel team for next summer. Not sure to tryout just as an infielder or as pitcher too.


First day of school today. My schedule is looking really tough. Didn’t get a chance to hit because I had to do some field work and then my brother begged me to go home. I’m gonna try to get guys to start coming after school but I’m not counting in anybody doing it. It might rain tomorrow so that could change up my weekly plans a little bit.


Hey Astro,

Hope you are doing well, I have come across this forum to promote my site . And I came across this message board, read your story and thought I’d share a few things with you. I am a former minor league pitcher who has been coaching for the past 3 years now (high school and college). But I thought I’d provide you with some truth in how to best get recruited. When I recruited players and like many other of my colleagues, we were very particular about who we signed. The first thing we looked at was never velo, while it definitely would get our attention, all coaches want a kid with high character. Secondly, most schools will not recruit you or can’t recruit you until your junior year. The kids who commit to Major D1 schools, are only verbally committing. They cannot sign officially until their senior year. I saw you mentioned playing on a travel team, if it’s not a really well known showcase team, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re trying to get seen. My best advice, work on you and go to individual showcase camps, these are typically one day camps where you may pay a 50 to 100 dollar registration fee and you will go through a pro style workout. It was at these camps I found most of my players, if I didn’t offer them on the spot, I bookmarked them and followed their seasons, talked to their coaches, etc. until I was ready to make a decision. Emailing coaches can be a good method if it includes video, but understand the coaches get hundreds of emails a day from players (very irritating at times) but coaches will roam through them just in case, because recruiting also cost a lot from travel expenses to hotel expenses and so those emails can cut down on a lot of that. Also don’t expect many scouts to show up during your high school season, remember college seasons are in the spring too. After reading a few of your post though I believe you’re head is in the right area. Keep pushing for your goals, God has a plan for everyone. I came from a town of about 15,000 people in high school and made it to the pros after moving and playing at a small town D2 school. Came out of high school throwing 83-85, left college throwing 93-95 at 6’1" 185. Just know you can’t control the future you just got to set yourself up to succeed and the rest will fall into place. Hope this helps! Good luck moving forward!

Coach T.


Coach T, can you send me a link or something to the showcase camps that cost $50-100? I am interested in looking doing stuff like that but most of the ones I see are $300+


Here’s a place to start One day showcases are generally pretty reasonable. We’re going to one Labor Day weekend for $150, some are less. Google desired school name with Baseball camp and you’ll get links that don’t post on the site I linked. The 5 day camps are indeed expensive. The showcases are pretty reasonable (IMO).


Thanks Coach T, that’s really helpful.
The head coach at an in state d1 school has a kid that is going to my school know, so maybe he will be at a couple games or something. I don’t think I could convince my parents to let me go or take me out of state for a one day camp and there aren’t that many in state schools. The travel team that I am planning on trying out for is pretty well known here in the midwest and they play in a bunch of PG and DK tournaments.


I couldn’t go to the tryout because a family thing came up. Looks like I have some decisions. I have a question. Legion ball or one of those showcase tourney teams?


Alright more college questions. So if I go on a campus tour, do I go see the baseball coach at some point while I am on the campus? Should I like email him ahead of time and let him know that I will be on the campus at a certain time? Stuff like that. Do the admissions people work with the athletic department at all? This whole thing is just kinda confusing.


There is a lot of info at the HSBBweb site for college recruiting and related subjects. If you are going to visit a school where you think you might play ball you should contact the coach or recruiting coordinator ahead of time and ask if there is going to be someone there for you to talk with.

Showcase teams that play in the PG tournaments get more exposure than Legion ball in our area. You’ll need to find out about your area. You can ask the recruiting coordinator at your target schools if they will be at certain events.

You should see what events the showcase teams play before you plop down any money to play on one.

Good luck,



Thanks Ted, I will look into it!
I sent out my first email to a coach today. I’m going to wait and see how it goes before I email any more coaches. I basically just introduced myself and expressed interest in the program. I told him my positions and my GPA. I left my email and phone number at the end. Kinda nervous about it though lol.


What is your grad class 2017, 2018? A coach cannot directly contact you until Sept. of your Junior year.

Good luck,


2017, and I knew about the Sept. 1st thing I’m just not sure if I want to email some of the schools that I really want to go to yet.


Yes, email them. Get your transcripts prepared also, so you can send them if asked.

Good luck,



Well today was the first day that coaches can contact you and I haven’t heard anything back. I honestly wasn’t expecting to, but if I don’t get responses for a long time do I email them again?