Slurve's progress

i pitched a game at school recess. 3ip, 1hit, 4k, 0bb. I broke my left foot playing basketball, and it was my first start back.

i had one ip with my team, and i’m the closer. I’ve had trouble because i follow-through like mitch williams, but i haven’t had any come-backers. I have a good forkball and a good tailing fb.

I had a basketball game today… 24 pts, 13 rebs, 3 blocks. I ran a mile yesterday… worked on the towell drill

70mph fb and 57mph fork? how old are you? with a 70mph fastball you cant be that old. how do you get your fingers around a forkball? i use to throw em but i have long fingers so it wasnt that difficult…how do you hold it?

I’m 13, i’m really oversized at 6-0, 130. I have giant hands.

threw 50 pitches today, then had a date with my girl. My fb was moving like hell, and my slurve wasn’t half-bad. Also tried to dunk on someone (I failed by 1/2 a foot).

did you try the dunk at practice or in a game?

In practice

Today was ok. I went to a 65mph batting cage and sucked. I think my ba was around .150. I can’t hit.

goals-End up at 6-7, 200 when i’m done growing, be able to hit 95.

Got my glove jacked. Really pissed off at the guy who did it. Probably will kick his @ss. Have a pitching lesson tommorow. Am going to work on sinker and change