I would like to try this pitch out sometime playing catch and see how it works. I am always experimenting to find new ways to do things. I have really only found a couple pitches I am consistent with. I am 16 and 10 months old I am 5’ 11’ 161lbs. I throw my 4SFB 78-81mph. I can throw a Knuckle Curve, “Mainly because I cannot throw a regular curve the way it’s supposed to be done and I find I get a better and larger break from my Knuckle Curve anyways”, A 4SFB, 2SFB, and a Slider. I can throw all those pitches with great control "hittin my spots 85-90% of the time with moderate break on my slider, about 12in. Left. I am looking for another pitch to be able to throw well. I can throw a Sinker, but the break I get is inconsistent. I would like to try a slurve. Can any one send me a picture or a link? Please and thank you.[/i]

Ok honestly, I would recommend whole heartedly against a slurve.

Often a slurve is really the result of a pitcher not being able to throw either a curve or a slider well, so they have a pitch that is kind of in between, which often hangs and usually isn’t very sharp.

Now even if you could potentialy have a good slurve. I think it would mess with your other pitches severely. Not that man guys can throw a slider and curveball, and keep them consistent, because they often mix the motion. Adding a midpoint of the two into your repetoire would make it extremely hard to be precise with your different breaking pitches.

Honestly I would learn a changeup above all else. Maybe play with a splitter, if you have a good one, it can be a great pitch to confuse hitters on ocassion.

Thanks I’ll learn to stay away from that. Because I can throw a Knuckle Curve very well and the grip feels very comfortable. My slider could be better but I like it and theres room for improvement but I’ll keep it. My 4SFB and 2SFB are great. I would just want to learn a new pitch to trad in with my others when one isn’t working well.I think I will take your advice and work on a sinker since I can kinda throw one anyways. A splitter for me is way too uncontrolable for me but thanks. :slight_smile:

At 5’11 your fingers may not be long enough to throw any of the split finger pitches.

Is your knuckle curve like Mussina’s or Hootons?

I agree that change -up is the place to go for you. Yeah, Randy Johnson terrorizes (or at least used to) people with his slurve, but I am not sure it works for regular guys like it does for him.

What arm slot are you using?


Well, I am working on a few pitches that I can throw well. Me and my pitching coach both agreed I was spreading myself thin by trying to learn too many pitches at once. So I threw for a couple of days and picked out my best three pitches out of every thing I was working on. I throw a above average 2-seamer and knuckle ball. And I picked out a regular curve. Gripped like Barry Zito’s. So now that I have set a repitoire I am good to go. My 2-seamer is now 80-83mph. Excellent movement 7-10in. My knuckleball is great, 55-58mph great 1½-2 foot average movement. Usually drop, and down and away. Rare inside movement. And my curveball is 65-67mph. Sadly weak movement mostly. Once in awhile I’ll get that Barry Zito curve about 1-10 times. As for my knuckle-curve I mix it in there. Mine is simular to Mussina’s but not as sharp or fast. I don’t really even use it. In games all I throw is 2-seamer knuckle ball and a curve. Sometimes a 4-seamer.

My hands are too small for splitter or fork. I throw at a consistant 3/4 arm slot.

It has been along time since this post and I have changed alot as far as pitches I throw. I am headed in the right direction though. Focusing on my strong points and improving. I have added 1-2mph on my fastball through throwing regularly and lifting since this post and not spreading myself through too many pitches. I may add a 4th and thats it. Not lookin for one now but if I find something I like mabey I’ll give it a try. Thanks :slight_smile:

I wish you all the best. As for your curve it is about rotation , rotation, rotation! I dont want to tell you something counter productive to what your coach is telling you. The more you throw it the better it will get!Good Luck, Ian.

Well thanks for being concerned. And I have been throwing it lately and every day I see better results. I know what you mean by counter productive. It’s one of those things that if you do it long enough you are only going to gt better. And personally throwing something everyday you get a feel for it, and that’s what I am doing like how I have with my other 2 pitches. Thanks. If there’s anything I can do for you let me know.


WhiteSox101 :smiley:

I think that you need to stick with 3 to maybe 4 pitches max that you can throw for strikes. if you are able to throw 4 pitches for strikes then thats all you need MAX! Most pitchers throw, 2-4seam FB, slider or curve and a Change.

We had a guy who is now with the Red Sox that threw a spliiter and they told him to stop it becuase it puts so much pressure on the shoulder and ligaments in the forearm that you can tear something.

I think if you can throw 3 pitches maybe 4 in any count that you can be successful. If you throw a curve and a slider, then they most likely tend to have the same break and become a “slurve” I had to scrap my curve when I found my slider was better because I was getting the same break.

I think 4 max is all you need and be careful with the splitty.

My hands are not big enough to throw a splitter or fork ball of any kind so I will not even attempt them. I can throw my 2-seamer any time with pinpoint accuracy and 80-82mph. And I have a great knuckleball 2+foot break at 55-58mph. My curve is getting better but it is the weaker of my two pitches. My plus pitches are my k-ball and 2-seamer. Been throwing the k-ball for 6-7yrs and the 2-seamer my whole life. Will never scrap either one of them. I am sticking with the curveball and I will throw just 3 pitches. If my pitching coach says I need a 4th then I’ll develop one but if it is not necessary then I will not pick up a new one. I don’t care for the slider personally because of the strain it puts on the elbow. If I learn a new pitch it will probably be a 3-finger change up.

When I posted this awhile back I thought about adding a slurve because of less stress on the arm but I don’t even want to consider ot now. Thanks for the info though. :slight_smile: