Ok so I joined this new fall ball league and im in a big slump…im hitting the ball…just not very well… everyone keeps saying “its just a slump blah blah” but yeah…it is a slump… a slump i need to get out of fast… i personally think i just need to hit more live …game intensity style pitching but i have no one to pitch to me…

Try to hit the ball up the middle every time.

My slumps come when I am trying to do to much with everything. Cause as a slump worsens you want to get big hits to help your team, when in reality you just need some good singles through the middle.

I’ll take any hit at this point…bloop single… anything

For me I have found LESS batting practice helps me.
I was taking morning BP, pregame BP, and then slumping like crazy.
I stopped hitting BP at my home (morning) and the day I busted out of my slump this summer we didn’t even take pre-game BP.

So many tiny things can affect your swing that fraction of a second that messes you up.

A slump is often just a period during which you lack confidence. Confidence comes from two things: (1) knowing that you’ve prepared the best you can and (2) success. You can take easily take care of (1). To take care of (2), put yourself in situations where you can have small successes. They might be contrived situations at practice but that’s ok. Do this enough and build on it and your confidence will come back.