Slow motion

Anybody else get a comebacker hit back to you and it seems like it takes a while to get to you, like you see the spin and everything, and then you turn to first and see the batter barely getting out of the box?

Can’t say that I’ve experienced what you’re describing, but I do tend to feel as if the game slows down when I have to field my position.

when I go to catch a pitch it goes slow motion also when I’m trying to throw a runner out

I get this A LOT I even have been able to snag some out of the air (jumping) and it seemed to go REAL slow but the batter never got out of the box. For me when a slow ball actually does get hit to me it feels like normal speed but when a real fast hit comes to me it feels like everything slows down A LOT. (I only know it’s fastcause everyone tells me it was a rocket) It’s pretty cool cause I watch it come to me and I actually see the ball go in the glove. When I bat I never see where the ball hits the bat, the only time I know where the ball is in the strike zone is if I swing and miss. If I hit it I can’t remember where the ball was (inside, outside, low, high, ect) When I feild at 3B I never watch it go into my glove either I just put my hand where I think it needs to go (I usually never make any glove errors, every once in a while I make a throwing error :oops: )

Well, I saw on a show called human bodies: puching the limit, and sometimes during crucial situations your mind slows down things, so, if that baseball was like a rocket and it were to hit you, itd hurt obviously, but your mind detects what would happen if the ball were to hit you, so your mind makes you think time has slowed, so you can react to the ball

this always happens to me on a comebacker or a hard line drive when im playing the field. when i get back to the bench people ask how i even saw it

a comebacker broke my nose a couple years ago bu it happened so fast i hardly seen the thing

I saw that show too! The human body can do some pretty amazing stuff…

I didnt see the episode you were talking about but maybe…
Your focus is on the ball so your mind makes the ball normal speed but then that causes everything else to seem slower.

never happened to me. shame tho lol, sounds cool. But when I go to the 85 mph batting cage, when i track the path of the ball I can ‘slow it down’ so that I see the seams. I think if your focusing extremely hard you can make it look like it’s slowed down.

I notice this all the dang time… especially hitting… Especially when its a hard hit ball… seems like its only going like 10 mph… crazy shiat