Slow mo clips of 17yo

Hi all,
Here are some clips of my 17 year old son. I think his mechanics look pretty good, he’s getting some nice hip rotation and separation.

I think his tempo could improve and that would give him more velocity.

He was playing in a Rec game and that’s where these clips came from. He was bit enthusiastic and was throwing some of his fastballs high.

Threw some nasty hooks. His catcher was complaining that his hand was killing him - gotta love Rec :smiley:

Welcome your comments.


Your son looks pretty sound, good hip lead and separation and probably creates a lot of leverage from that high slot. Why rec ball and not HS?

Thanks for the comments…

He does Rec to get in some extra work.

I should have posted some clips at 30FPS, his tempo could be better.

Baseball Think Tank (Lantz) mentioned a passive scap load, something we need to work on. Looking for drills to improve it.

What’s funny about his mechs is that these are his own. We’ve talked over the years about these things and worked on it a bit here and there but never really drilled it. He just picked it up eventually.