Slow delivery fast delivery?

HI, can someone give me an explanation of this article and comment. I read this artilce the other day and was genuinly interested in undertanding it better since I simply don’t see it…
Why Slow Pitching Deliveries Produce Slow Pitching Velocities
Can someone give examples of pitchers with slow vs. fast deliveries in the context of the article (other than Linsecum) ie. that this guy is slow because of being slow in delivery, just like it tries to say Linsicum is fast because of fast delivery. Although I agree 100% with not pausing at the balance point and maintaining momentum, I do not believe in momentum as a contributor to creating velocity, only creating better timing by better body fluidity and better symmetry of motion and equal and opposite being in rhythm, this allowing better velocity. I don’t see Linsecum being fast except at foot plant, where and when every other pitcher I can think of creates speed in the movement. Not by exploding off the mound at leg drive… I humbly just don’t see it and would like to understand.


Don’t just jump on board a theory…try it out…everyone is different. Not everyone is going to throw 97 mph! Balance point is important…there is a good video on YouTube with Mariano Rivera talking about balance point and staying closed etc. etc. Check it out. Greg Maddox didn’t have a great fastball but could spot it and mix it up, Be a pitcher! Timing and tempo!