Sling your arm or muscle up

usually when i pitch i just whip my arm around using little muscle
i do this trying not to put strain on my arm(prevent injury)

for the past two weeks ive been using my bicep when i pitch
i get a great velocity increase
my arm doesnt hurt when i do it
i stiil use my legs

is this good or bad

hmmmmm, I’d be curious to know how you use your bicep…

I think it’s just a mental thing.

LMFAO there is absolutely no way to pitch with biceps unless you have developed some sort of backwards mechanics.

After the day I had, I needed that laugh.

Wow. I’m one of those who wants to know how you use my biceps in my motion…

i tried and it felt like like i was

my fastball had a xtra wiz on it

i think i was pushing the ball

Your fastball had wiz on it, and you touched it!? haha

yeah alot of hot wiz

how about zip

So basically you just tried to throw harder, right?

Alrighty then … :? :? :?

[quote]So basically you just tried to throw harder, right?


yeah and i did

i wanna know is this safe

Why not?

Maybe you should try to throw hard for a change, because um, that’s is pretty important when you pitch, I guess. :roll:

So before you just sort-of candy-armed it?

[quote]Why not?

Maybe you should try to throw hard for a change, because um, that’s is pretty important when you pitch, I guess.

i had been getting what i call pretty velocity
i never tried to force myself to throw harder
pretty much just throwing all body no arm

i just wanted to know is it safe to do this consistantly
not just when i need it

I think most pitchers “go after it” every pitch. They can’t just take a batter off, and then throw again.

Here’s a very old SETPRO post that has a lot to do with Jim Dixon, the author of “Exceptional Athlete”

To many, “tense” is a contraction or tightening up of muscles and fascia.

And to many “relaxed” conjures up a passive limp noodle, floppy like physiology.

IMO, “active” relaxation is a result of the expansion and lenghtening of muscles and fascia,and the development of a smooth running nervous system.

As an example of tense,if one were to make a fist and tighten the forearm muscles this would be an act of clenching,tightening or a contracting of the muscles,and soft tissues.Or of a tight tense shoulder and neck region-“UPTIGHT”.

As an example of active relaxation,if one were to open that same hand and lenghten the fingers,forearm, hand,and various soft tissues, a certain tautness ocurs,much like the lifting of toes on a pitchers leg lift,but it is not the relaxation that many incorporate for movement,it is something altogether different.

Different than the limp,floppy,wet noodle passive type of relaxation that is imagined by many.

To me the ideal, is the mental image of a steel bar wrapped in cotton.The cotton covering that steel bar can and does become the steel,and the steel can and does become
the cotton.The melding and combining of the hard and soft.

I have seen numerous pitchers who in their attempts to “relax” are doing nothing more than prematurely releasing any energy that was stored in the first place.

As an example,a bow,a slingshot,a rubberband, upon being pulled into a state of loading or storing of energy,and then being released or “relaxed” prior to the ideal time of release.

Unlike, an opening or closing action that builds and increases energy storage, transfer and momentum,{the car and driver over a cliff } but like a pin popping a ballon,or a clutch slipping,although of course,not in the case of a Ferrari.

The leaking of energy through the wrong notion or concept of what active and passive relaxation means and does not mean,can be the difference between the quality storing of energy or the premature “leaking” of energy.

So does one leave the arm and hand real loose and whiplike and then tense upon moment of ball release,like the snapping of a whip.

Or can a pitcher,who in an active state of relaxation or storing,and retaining a certain amount of tautness,simply release the bow and watch the arrow fly.

Or is it a combination and melding of the two,like cotton and steel.

I do know I have seen many pitchers who do the latter,relax loosely until near ball release and then subsequently snap or tense,creating the juice.Many throw with great velocity and control,others hold on too tight and long,jerking the ball,or simply do not have much energy stored for the time of ball release,due to being too "relaxed"or floppy throughout other parts of their delivery,resulting in “leaks”.

I have also seen many who simply release,like a bow,without snap or apparent effort to propel,but who I believe incorporate a certain amount of lenghtening and opening upon their release or propelling of ball, as opposed to simply contracting,tensing and snapping of body parts.Again IMO,some seem to do this very well ,others not so.[/quote]

Correcting me if I’m wrong, but “pushing” the ball would take away velocity, wouldn’t it. I’ve always thought pushing is when you separate because you think you should, but then bring your hand back towards your head and throw from there.

When I want to throw harder I just kind of… throw harder…?

i didnt get the point of that big long paragragh/mini essay

i “tense up” when my foot plants and i get a little more kick