Slim Fast for weight gain?

Spoke to a parent recently who said son drank Slim Fast shake after meals to put on weight. Son is 14; 5’9 130 lbs. Upcoming 9th grader recently made school team. Fastball sat 77-78 during tryouts & good control. He’s obviously very slim & just doesn’t gain weight. Will begin weight training with team next week & I’m concerned about him getting calories he needs. Has anyone tried the Slim Fast thing or know if this is a safe alternative?

It’s called slim fast… Slim doesnt equal weight gain. Try protein.

[quote=“SeanBaseball14”]It’s called slim fast… Slim doesnt equal weight gain. Try protein.[/quote]

Appreciate the information & I’m aware Slim Fast is a weight loss product. Kid already drinks protien shakes. Looking at adding Slim Fast as a supplement (not a replacement) to meals for added calories/nutrition. Just wanting to know if anyone’s tried this before & if safe for a teen.

It’s safe, but not that cost efficient. Just drink milk.

Why would you waste your time drinking 190 calorie beverages when trying to gain weight? He should be drinking 2,000 calorie shakes to put on mass.

It’s pretty simple.

Teach him how to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner like a man. Each meal he should be shoveling away at least 1,000 calories.

Breakfast Example: Omelette and Reeses Oatmeal =1,050 kcal
6 whole eggs, 1-2 servings cheese - 550 cals
1/2 cup dry oats, 2tbsp peanut butter, 1 scoop chocolate whey - 500 cals

Lunch Example: Grilled Chicken Thighs and Baked Sweet Potato =1,000 kcal
16 oz grilled boneless skinless chicken thighs w/ barbecue sauce - 600 cals
3 medium sweet potatoes (microwave 4 min/side covered in damp paper towel) - 400 cals

Dinner Example: Muscle Chili - 1,300 cals
16 oz lean ground beef - 800 cals
1/2 can beans - 250 cals
2 servings cheese - 250 cals
use cumin, paprika, salt, pepper. Can steam some brown rice and pour over if you want more calories/carbs. This is great hot or cold any time of year.

Post-Workout/Anytime Shake: 1,300 - 1,800 kcal
2 cups whole milk or almond milk 200-400 cals
4 tbsp peanut butter - 400 cals
4 tbsp olive or coconut oil - 400 cals
1-2 scoops chocolate whey - 140-280 cals
1 banana - 150 cals
optional - small handful spinach, mixed frozen berries, misc. fruit.

This is roughly what I eat every day, 4,650-5,150 calories. That’s how you eat like a man. He probably eats about 2,500 calories at most if he weighs 130.

If he can’t handle this much food at once, tone it down to 12 oz of meat at lunch and dinner, 2 sweet potatoes, maybe 4 instead of 6 eggs but keep the calories up above 4,000! He will gain weight in no time and realize how hard it is to eat like he needs to be.

Slim Fast? Gimme a break.

I remember reading once, a long time ago, this suggestion for adding calories. Have a giant-size chocolate malted and take a multivitamin with it. Do this every day, as a midafternoon nosh.

Probably a better option for him than all the food. Wish he would eat more but he just doesn’t have the kind of appetite to handle what Lanky described. Guess a better way to phrase the question is “how to add calories to keep from losing weight”. He’ll be burning more calories than ever & just looking for something to supplement him. When I was his age I was about 5’6 or 5’7 & 110 lbs & couldn’t gain weight to save my life. I was into weightlifting then & really wanted to put on some lbs but couldn’t put away the food much like he is now. My mom bought me some canned shakes called nutriment I drank religiously. Never did put on the weight but I was pretty stout for a skinny kid. I wish I had the problem now; just the opposite & have plenty to lose. If he’s like I was he’ll start filling out in the 11th & 12th grade.

He should never be hungry. If he waits until he is hungry to eat then he will never get it done. Eating is training.

A snack that works well with my kid is a Pearson Nut Roll (candy bar sort of thing)…he likes these much better than most protein bars that are gross, chased with a large glass of whole milk. About 800 calories and 28G of protein. He will hit this up twice a day between meals. Tastes good, is quick and easy, adds some protein and carries alot more calories than 190.

Thanks a bunch! Sounds like what we’re looking for. Will definately give it a try.

There’s another possibility that should be considered. The kid may have an extremely high metabolism; he eats and eats and eats and where does it all go? It may be a good idea to consult a physician who is well versed in such matters.
The Yankees had a third baseman named Andy Carey who played for them in the 50s. He was 6’2", 190 pounds maximum. He could, and did, eat two complete meals, dessert and all, sometimes three before a game, and where did it all go? One evening he polished off two huge dinners and then started looking wistfully at Yogi Berra who had just sat down to a meal. Finally, as Berra’s meal, a delicious steak dinner, arrived at his table, Carey walked over and asked plaintively, “Oh, Yogi—don’t tell me you’re going to eat that huge steak all alone?” Berra looked up at him and growled, “Of course not—I’m having potatoes with it!”

I suppose if you drank a Slim Fast with your dinner. Slim Fast usually have enough calories for a meal and should be taken alone. But if you put it with a combination of the drink and a meal then you will have a higher calorie intake and gain weight. Might not be healthy weight but it will be weight none the less…also I ate a slimfast bar just to try it right before bed I ended up gaining weight from it.

Loss Fat Fast

190 calories is 190 calories, it doesnt matter when it is consumed. Slim fast for anything but losing weight as a meal replacement is a waste of time. Frankly, its not even that good for that.

A surefire to gain weight is this:
Eat more than you burn.

It is simple, but supplements are just that, supplements, and going around messing with something that is processed and with added this or that doesn’t do nearly as much good as what is natural.

If people want to gain weight, I suggest getting big slabs of meat, lots of healthy fats (nuts, fish and olive oils, avocados), as well as eating their carbs from fruits and vegetables. It is simple but difficult.

I’m all for supplements to help with energy for workouts and supplements for recovery. I like whey protein powder to boost protein intake. I like daily vitamins.
If you’re trying to gain weight, I agree with CSOleson eat more calories than you burn. I’ve always felt like nothing compares to eating healthy to put on weight.

Chicken, Steak, brown rice, peanut butter, eggs, whole milk ect……these are your friends. Gotta take in the calories AND the protein in the diet.
One of the biggest things I have seen with young guys that leads to them not hitting their calorie goals for a day is sleeping in. If you start eating at 12 noon your going to have a hard time hitting your goal. I bring this up for Winter Break.
One other thing. As a way to get enough nutrients from veggies and greens without having to eat a ton of low calorie veggies is to make fresh veg drink.
Kale, chard, broccoli, celery, tomatoes, whatever you like, these can be mixed up and pounded down for a nutrition dense part of snack. The veggie juice and any protein/weight gain shake should be in addition to 3 squares and at least two snacks.