Slight click in shoulder

I’ve just come off a couple of months of pt for my shoulder and upper back after injuring it after pitching. Everything is feeling better with my arm now, but there is still a small pop in what feels to be around my shoulder in various areas. Any idea of what it could be/anything to help it?

instead of asking here with something that we really don’t know for sure about, don’t mess with your health, see a doctor and get some professional advice.

I get this, I get it when I just move my shoulder in general and not even pitching. It could be just an imbalance in your shoulder meaning some muscles are stronger then others and they over power them, and when you move the smaller muscles make a pop or a click as they flip over top or underneath the bigger muscle OR it could be something else, like a previous injury that hasn’t been taken care of. Definitely go to a doctor or physiotherapist and get it checked out to be sure because I’m NOT a doctor!

Yup, I have a orthopedic surgeon living next door to me and he can not figure it out… I do various rotator cuff exercises and similar exercises but with no luck, still clicking and popping. On the other hand, Canadian, I believe that you are right with your thought, I just can not figure out what muscle is the main problem.


Go see one of the docs I recommended to you - they will know what to do to correct this.