The pre-season is over and the real season starts next week. I practiced pitching yesterday and threw mainly sliders and fastballs. Overall I feel very comfortable with my fastball and slider (need more work on change-up and will practice mainly those and fastballs today). I did not throw many sliders during the pre-season because people say its hard on your arm and you could get injured. I felt like I needed to get solid control on my slider because I want to throw it more but yesterday was the first time I really practiced with it a lot. I felt no pain after practicing or today so I guess thats good. (I didn’t ice after throwing just stretched)

The question is could I continue to practice throwing it a lot, like almost everyday, or should I be careful and throw it less?

How old are you?

Just turned 16 May 1st.

I had decent control of the change-up but not nearly what I want. I need to keep working on it and it should get better. I threw 3 sliders. 2 fell right below the strike zone and 1 was in the zone.

Most people recommend waiting until you’re 17-18 to throw a slider because the slider is pitch that is the hardest on your arm. The reason it is so hard on the arm is because it combines the supination of the curve with the force of the fastball - sort of the worst of both worlds.

I’d say you definitely shouldn’t be throwing lots of them daily and you probably should hold off on throwing it at all.