Sliders and Curveballs


Thank you. I do have a pretty good changeup and honestly its probably more consistent than my fastball.


Yes…this child is confused a bit but for you to think that you’ve seen all the pitcher’s velocities across the country is a bit arrogant. There are kids that throw really hard across the country. You state the top speed on your child’s 13u team threw 73-74 mph. There are 12u kids that throw harder than that. I’ve seen 12u kids hit 76 mph. Go to Youtube and watch the 12u Team USA videos. If a kid hits puberty early and is big enough, these kids today are crazy good.


Thank you.


I’ve seen enough baseball to know what I’m talking about, especially at the 13u level.

My kids 13u team WON the prestigious Elizabethtown KY tourney, along with five other regional championship rings. At this tourney, he faced the #1 rhp in Ohio, 6’1" 170 lbs at the time, and he was nowhere near 85 mph then, more like 78. This kid committed to Ohio State, as a freshman.

My sons hs teammate, the top rhp in the state of Indiana for his class, was 6’4" 215 at the time, and he didn’t come close breaking 80mph as a 13 year old either.

Lastly, my sons cousin was 6’4" 220 at the age of 13, is currently the #6 overall prospect in Indiana and an IU commit, and he just THIS year broke the 85mph mark…as an 17-18 year old junior. He too was nowhere near 85mph as a 13 year old.

In other words, 85mph as a sophomore-junior gets you an offer from a Big Ten school. Imagine what it does at the 13u level, four years earlier. You era should be at 0.00, throwing that hard from 55, not 60, feet.

I subscribe to prep baseball report. There is only ONE kid, in the entire country, who maxed out at 85 mph at the age of 13.


I highly doubt it’s THIS kid, especially when his “range” goes from 60-65 to 85 yet his era is above 2.00.