I want to start throwing a slider this year I’m 16 and a lefty. I want to hear from people that throw this pitch and how they hold it and release it which way ur wrist turns inside or out.

Well you’re already throwing a slurve so why don’t you just take to one extreme either the snapping action of the curve or the rolling action of the slider as Zita would say. Just pick one and your arsenal is fine, unless that slurve is really nasty, then just leave it as is.

i would but i hold my slurv like a knuckle curve it just has the motion of the slurve so i dont think i could get it going fast enough to be a good slider.

Hello there, Nickbaker8!!!
I was sixteen when I learned to throw the slider—that was many moons ago, but I still remember how to throw it. So let me tell you a few things about it. First, it’s a pitch that’s not as fast as a fast ball nor as sharp-breaking as a curve but that is easier to throw and to control than either of the other two—and many pitchers would give their eye teeth to own a good one. And it is, indeed, easier on the arm and shoulder than a curve, because the wrist action is different—as my pitching coach (an active member of the Yanks’ Big Three rotation in the '50s) told me, "Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it."
Now, the grip. It’s off-center—neither two-seam nor four-seam but somewhere in between, with just the middle finger on one seam. I was a natural sidearmer with a consistent release point, so when my coach told me to try it I got the hang of it in about ten minutes, and I worked on it over the 1951-52 winter because I knew it was going to be my strikeout pitch! He also told me that because I was righthanded I would probably get a sharp, late break on the pitch, more than a lefthander such as he was would. And because I was a sidearmer I used the crossfire extensively—that’s a move that works only with a sidearm delivery—and that combination was absolutely lethal.
And I nicknamed that pitch. I called it “Filthy McNasty”, after a character in a W.C. Fields movie, because that was exactly what it was, and that pitch served me very well over the years that I played. So-o-o—if you decided you want to go with the slider, welcome to the club!

If you have a slurve, there’s really no point in learning a slider since basically they’re the same concept. It’s like the debate over throwing both a slider and a curveball. If you throw both, they tend to look like each other and what not. If you have a slurve, I’d stick with it.

However, if you’re intent on learning, just check out this page:

Zita Carno- could you possibly post some pictures of how you hold it? And by rolling the wrist do you mean to the side like turning your palm up?

I’ll have to get my hands on a camera so I could take some slow-motion films of how I throw the slider (which I did from a sidearm, not a 3/4, slot). It’ll take some time, so be patient. 8)