Ok, today before our game i was set to play 1B so i can pitch this monday. Well, i was messing around with some different grips out in the bullpen and a teammate of mine taught me how to throw a slider. I think I have become in love with the pitch because i can locate it very good and this is the first time I have ever known how to throw a slider. But the thing I’m afraid of is that it will just be something I’ll be able to do every once in a while. Are there any drills to help with a slider?

First of all, I wouldn’t worry about getting it to be consistent. Because of its close relationship to a fastball, its generally not a hard pitch to master. Throw it in a bullpen two or three times before using it in a game, but it is one of the easiest offspeed pitches to learn overall.

How old are you and what other pitches do you throw? A slider is a very good pitch to add if your a fastball-changeup guy, because you have 3 different pitches with fastball arm action, but all three going different ways. The fastball should be hard and tail, the changeup should sink, and the slider will bite away. This can be a very effective combo.

I myself am more of a fan of the curveball, I find that its easier to get swings at, and doesn’t ALWAYS get pounded if it hangs.

But the slider is a good pitch too, with Hall of Fame resume’s to back up its relevance. Work on keeping it low, with two big locations. If you are a righty pitching to a righty, work on throwing a frontdoor slider at the knees that starts off inside and breaks into the strikezone. That spot will almost always get a called strike, and is a great 0-1 or 1-1 pitch. The other is a waist high one that starts off right down the plate, and breaks out of the zone. This is a fabulous 0-2, 1-2, or 2-2 pitch, because the hitter is trying to protect, and will be apt to swing at it. Try to get your slider within 5-7 mph of your fastball as well. If your fastball is say, 85, try and get the slider to be around 80. That way you can use the same arm action on it, and make it look more like a fastball.

I use mostly fastballs(4-seamer & 2-seamer) and a changeup. I hardly ever throw a curveball and i have a nasty knuckleball but i don’t have a lot of control to it right now. I pitched 2 innings today at a scrimmage we had at practice. I struck out 3 batters with my slider, 2 of them were the 2nd and 3rd best hitters on the team(I’m first). So I’m starting to think I can throw it on a normal basis so I can be more effective on the mound.

You only threw sliders?
and don’t throw it too much, spend time on the fastball while devoloping.

Sounds like you’ve got yourself a genuine out pitch there. Like the previous poster said, don’t throw it too much, otherwise you’ll ruin your arm. Remember, the slider is only effective with a pitcher who pitches off his fastball.

no I didnt throw only sliders. I just struck out 3 batters with a 2-strike slider.