My slider just seems that it doesn’t break down more it is more of
9-3 slider i would like to know what to do for my slider to break down more

Statistically leftys tend to throw slower than rightys. Why? I don’t know. But about 60-65mph isn’t bad. That’s about average. I am a junior in highschool and I pitch varsity. I have 3 pitches. Curveball, Knuckleball, and a 2-seam fastball. My knuckler and 2-seamer being the better of the two I throw. I throw my curve at 60-64mph, my 2-seamer at 80-82mph, and my knuckle ball at 54-56mph. I turn 17 on Dec.13th mind you. Hope that helps. :slight_smile: If you need anything let me know.

Also remember that some people tend to mature faster than others, I threw low to mid 80’s my frosh and soph year and then I hit my growth spurt. A lot lot of time vlo doesnt matter its movement and being able to hit your location. But in my experience I have learned that lefty 87+ = 90+

Yes it is odd, but lefty’s do tend to throw slower than rightys. But my freshman year I hit 72-73mph. Sophmore year 76-79mph. Now 80-81mph. I am only 5’11’’ and 166lbs. Not a huge person. But maturity has alot to do with it. Wait untill you get to abou 18 and compair speeds with someone else. That’s about when you seem to level off as far as maturity. You might grow just a little but now much more.

my freshman year i was hitting probably 60-65, sophomore year i jumped to about 75-80, then last year, my junior year i was in the upper 80s, lefty, take off about 5 mph and thats where you should be at

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Oh well happy to awnser your question. I would suggest since the slider is throw most effictively from a sidearm arm slot sor a sweeping movement rather more overhand for a tight almost cutter movement, to come more 3/4 arm slot with this pitch. This should help. Also if this doesn’t work. Play around with your grip.

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thanks for the info

No problem. If you need any thing let me know. AIM: KeenanB13