Slider vs. Cutter

I’ve seen some posts lately about young kids throwing sliders. Now how effective can a cutter be compared to a slider? If thrown correctly can a cutter be just as deadly as a slider? I’ve got good command over my cutter but I don’t pitch a lot. I’m 15 and I’m playing on a 17 year old team for the summer. I think against a bad team my coach will let me have a shot at throwing against a few batters. I’m wondering if I’m wasting my time on this pitch. My brother is a cacher so I throw a lot at home and I’m wondering if I should just learn a curve but this pitch seems golden and he said it has a lot of movement. Is there any way I can set up a video camera to see how much movement I really have on it. Sometimes i can throw it for a ball on the inside corner and have it come back to the plate as a strike.

I pitched in practice a lot for JV and a lot of kids said I should have been pitching but my coach is a dink and he wouldn’t know a pitcher if it bit him in the…so in practice I got a lot of strikeouts and my coach said that he really liked that cutter that I threw and I had most of our good hitters asking to be tested with this new pitch they’ve never seen before. I did pretty good but I was still wondering about the slider and cutter and the differences.

If I’m not mistaken, the slider breaks a bit more but is slower than a cutter.

Cutter has less movement (but it is movement nonetheless), but its velocity is just about 2~3mph off fastball and it’s very easy to throw (just like a fastball) and it induces less stress on arm.

Yea I understand all that but it seems that the cutter is maby underrated? If you can hide it like that then why don’t as many people throw it. It seems that everyone wants to throw a slider when you can be throwing this now and you don’t have to wait until your 17 or 18 to throw it. But its also a pitch that moves just outside so it can remain pretty hittable but it still seems to be a dominant pitch.

A cutter is basically a fastball with middle finger pressure or held off center. There is no supinating when releasing it.

i throw a cutter that i think is in between a real cutter and a slider. it breaks a lot but only moves laterally. but it is still real effective and even broke an old aluminum bat with it once!

tho, if ur cutter gets hit more chance thats ITS GONE , I throw both cutter and slider.

few cuters got blasted away by the best h itter
tho fooled olmost every one even him with a slider, even if it got it it was infield hig ball or slow ass ground b all:)

i say SLIDER:D