Slider vs Curve: which should I use?


@Trebeck reminded me of a question i wanted to ask on his latest post. Right now I throw a 4 seam, 2 seam, circle change (or at least a strange variation of a circle change), and 2 breaking pitches: A looping, almost 12-6 curve/knucklecurve, and a sharp slider that is almost as fast as my fastball.

Curve has gradual break but can be very deceiving if i get it right. my dad has trouble catching it because he says he thinks it’s going to break into his hip area then it drops down by his ankles. Not a lot of right-to-left movement though. Also i have only started using this pitch at the end of last season and when i play catch.

Slider on the other hand has a nice, sharp, sideways break and although i haven’t had it clocked i would say its about 75+ mph. It’s my strikeout pitch and hitters usually think its a fastball coming in at their hip/knee then it will break into the strikezone with slight dropping action. I’ve been throwing the slider since the 2014 season so a couple years now and i definitely have more control with it and am more comfortable with the slider than the curve. But i feel like the curve can be an effective pitch.

SO…should i drop the curve? drop the slider? What about using both pitches?


The more tools you have at your disposal, the better.


The more mastered tools.

I would work on a good hook bf I threw in the slider. How good is your CU?


I would keep both. No point in dropping them.


Unless of course they aren’t that great then I would focus at one at a time.


neither of them are “great” pitches. Slider is good and curve needs improvement (good movement but i have trouble controlling it)


what is CU?


changeup im guessing


I also had a good curve and slider. I used the slider a lot on lefties in and out. A front door slider is good to get in on the hands in contact counts. The back door is good to throw when you need a non-swinging strike or strike out. Occasionally, I’d throw the front door slider to a RHH to catch the corner as he gave up on the pitch.

Stay away from the middle of the plate with sliders because they seem to find the barrel of the bat easily and end up in the opposite gap.


My change is a work in progress. trying a new grip that i feel more comfortable with.


An off-speed pitch makes a FB/Slider that much more effective. You to master a CU/CB to keep the batters off balance. Otherwise, they just sit on a FB in a location they like and rip it.


If you throw harder go with the slider otherwise focus on curve first


well what is “harder” to you? i’ve topped out at 84 w/fastball.


“If a pitcher has a slider and a curve… One of em suck” -Wally Backman
Tongue in cheek of course, This thread reminded me of the playing for peanuts scene where Wally told his pitching coach that.


Honestly, that’s the truth. And if you look around the big leagues, you really don’t see many guys throwing both.


Other than maybe Clayton Kershaw. Any others?


How old are you?


Kershaw and sonny gray manage to do great with both


i’ll be 17 in may


Try to develop a curve. Keep the slider, but a curve would be the pitch you should work on developing.