Slider Help/What grip should I use

Today I tried out this grip and I picked up on the slider fairly quick and got some movement on it today.

However, while searching around these forums I’ve seen other posts explaining the slider grip as your middle finger along the seam with your index resting beside it and your thumb underneath. I’m confused as to what grip I should use.

Okay. The grip I used was very much offcenter—for all intents and purposes the index and middle fingers were on the smooth urface of the ball, very close together, with the middle finger just touching one seam, fourth and fifth fingers curled up together on the side of the ball,and the thumb underneath and resting on a seam for support. The guy I learned this from was an active major league pitcher who threw a very good one, and he told me that when I threw it I should throw it like my curve ball but NOT to snap the wrist, just roll it—turn it over, rather like a chef flipping a pancake or a crepe. Since I threw my curve with a sharp karate-chop wrist snap this meant that I had to ease up on the wrist action, just pronate slightly, and be sure to complete the pitch, follow through. I was a natural sidearmer, which made it easier for me, and of course I used the crossfire extensively. This pitch had a sharp late break, which gave the opposing batters no end of conniption fits! 8) :baseballpitcher:

Thanks a ton, also, correct me if I’m wrong but that sounds almost identical to a curveball grip.

Almost—but not quite. The slider grip is very much offcenter, unlike the illustration you posted. 8)