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Hi everyone, I am new here. I have some concerns about my slider and was seeing if I am throwing it right and the pitch is doing what it should be or if I need to make changes…

Anyways, I have the slider grip right. Thats not an issue. My issue is I have read that you are supposed to turn your wrist like a door knob when throwing the Slider and I also have read that your not supposed to turn your wrist while throwing because the grip puts the spin on the pitch. I have been mostly throwing it without turning my wrist, because it is less stress on the arm and elbow. But, which way is correct?

Also, I have read that you are supposed to put apply majority of pressure to the ball with your middle finger and thumb, and just lay your pointer (index) finger lightly on the ball. I really dont like just applying pressure to the ball with my middle and thumb. I also like to apply pressure with the pointer (index) finger…is this a problem?

My other issue is when I throw my Slider I dont see much curve or lateral movement. When I throw with someone they say it moves a some. I think the way I have been throwing it actually sinks more. …Should I be able to see it curve or move laterally?

What are some tips to improve this pitch?

Thanks for all the help and advice…

Actively turning your wrist (i.e.supinating) as your arm is accelerating forward is the way to hurt your arm.

You will likely hear about different techniques for throwing the slider including using different finger pressure and using a grip that is offset to the outside of the ball. The way I teach it Is to use your normal fastball grip but preset the wrist at 45 degrees of supination before the arm starts forward and maintain that 45 degrees through release - there should be no additional supination.

As with all breaking pitches, limit how many you throw to about 20% - 25% of your pitch totals.

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I find that being firm with the wrist angle is better than applying a twist. Trying to add supination is not necessary.

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