Slider from over the top

For around the last year or so I have been low three quarter with a great slider being my signature pitch. I suffered an arm injury over the summer and I decided to come mover over the top to protect my arm. Everything has been going well but my slider has pretty much dissapeared. When I throw it now it an inconsistent weak break and often just spins. Does anyone have any tips for throwing a more over the top slider. My grip is a two seam slider grip. I start with a two seam then rotate the ball forward a bit and put both fingers on the left seam. I am left handed and I come from a high three quarter.

Tell me something, trebeck—was it your idea to change your arm slot to over the top, or were you told to? Were you aware that trying to throw a slider over the top not only negates the effectiveness of the pitch but also puts you at risk for further injury? Why not just try throwing that pitch from a 3/4 arm angle—a lot of pitchers have been successful using that delivery. And what was the nature of that arm injury to begin with?


You might look at the youtube Pitch Design video by Trevor Bauer. He has a pretty high slot and a decent slider.

Good luck,