Slider from a low 3/4 arm slot

I was wondering if anyone could help me learn a tight breaking slider from my low 3/4 arm slot? If you could post pictures and explain how to release it that would be great thanks[/u]

Whats the matter with your slidey Huskey??

How have you been, we haven’t seen you for a bit…you a college freshman yet or a Sr.? Sitting just under 90…nice…How did the season go? You looked ready to go from the last vids you posted, way back when.

My guess if you asking for a tighter spin is that your likely not throwing it right (Supination will let it flutter instead of tight spin…the dot and the merciless late break). Think fastball…over balance to one side and at release I like to pass the concept that the wrist shouldn’t turn over the fingers should draw back to the palm in eschalon (pinky to index)…it might start out as a nice little cutter…but getting stronger and fousing on the area will tighten the rotation up nicely and you’ll get a big funky break…Look for some Matt Clement vid…

I’m doing great…I will be a college Freshman this coming August to play D1 ball im very excited. My sinker right now is my primary pitch it sits in the mid 80s and im deffinitely a ground ball pitcher. That is why I want to develop a slider to compliment the run I have on my 2 seamer/sinker. I grip it along the right side of the horseshoe and throw it like a curveball from a low 3/4 arm angle it is alot loopier than I want it to be for a true slider…

Keep the hand behind the ball longer. If you’re throwing it like a hook and you’re low like that…loopy (Think about it…you’re also sressing the dookie out of your shoulder being that low and getting your hand outside the ball) Like I said think fastball first and always…the slidey is a modified fastball. Once you get it down you’ll comb it back to a sweet cutter too…little break…big break… 8)

Great about you gettin in there…stay in touch…!