Slider + Cutter = Slutter


Hey all. Pustulio’s knuckleball video inspired me to do something similar. What I am trying to find out with this video is how difficult this pitch is to learn. This is a “feel” pitch that came pretty naturally to me so I am not sure of it’s “teachability”. It kind of developed for me out of trial and error and completely changed my career. I went from a back of the rotation righty throwing in the mid 80’s with no strike out pitch to speak of, to finally having a legit breaking pitch I could throw to lefty’s and righty’s. After adding a few mph’s and getting to upper 80’s topping at 90 the addition of this pitch turned me into our #1 and a DII first team all-american and leading the nation in W’s. Not trying to toot my horn here, just saying that it truly changed my career. Here’s what I consider to be the biggest advantages with the cutter:

  1. late subtle break makes this a “bad contact” pitch and great in double play situations. Pitching to contact also creates early count outs. Crash Davis once told me that strikeouts are boring and fascist, I would agree.

  2. Minimal supination helps protect the elbow and fastball wrist action at release helps disguise the pitch. Opposing hitters in intersquad games would always comment on how it looked just like a FB out of the hand.

Anyways, for those of you who like to experiment please give this a shot and let me know what you think. Feel free to ask questions if there is something that you aren’t quite getting.


Sweet, I’ll have to give it a try.


I think I’ll give it a shot. LOL @ the name. SLUTter


Easy with the language here guys lol theres kids to worry about. I believe Jonathan Papelbon says he throws a “(discreet word)ter”.

Following some research…came up inconclusive. But i do remember reading someone threw a (discreet word)ter just not sure who.


will probably be popular with the guys but the pitch could develop a bad reputation. sounds like you’ll get drafted when you become eligibe. are you a jr this year.


lol, sorry if I didn’t make it clear. I am actually 29 yrs. old and am the owner of a baseball facility up north. I am trying to decide if I want to try to teach this type of pitch to my high school team. I only posted the video because it is much easier to describe what I am talking about that way as opposed to typing it out.


i’ll have to give it a try… But hows it related to the slider? I can see the cutter because of the grip but not slider.


You’re actually dealing with two completely different pitches here!
The cutter, or cut fastball, or one’s worst nightmare if you have to face Mariano Rivera, is really more of a hard slider, fast and sharp-breaking. I have known Mr. Rivera to throw his at 97, 98 miles an hour when he’s really on. Your ordinary slider is more of an off-speed pitch—the grip may be similar, but the wrist action is altogether different.
You might want to try one or another of those pitches with a knuckleball grip. You’d really have a different pitch there…for example, the knuckle-curve…or a “slip” pitch, which at bottom is a slider thrown with a knuckleball grip (and you have several such grips to experiment with). In any event, have fun. 8)


Slutter didn’t work for me man.


pitches can be like girlfriends, what works for one guy may not work for another guy. but some work for everybody. it’s kind of like what casey stengal said, i made up my mind, and i made it up both ways.


I will nominate this for post of the year!


You may be dealing with two different pitches, one being a fastball and the other being a breaking ball. Back when baseball first had its start, they didn’t even know there was such a thing as curving the ball for a breaking pitch and had it banned when it was created. Eventually they came around to letting it be thrown. Pitching has come a long way as far as developments of new pitches so I think that this is a very interesting way of experimenting with the ball and I can see how it works. If you ever throw with one of those squish balls for an indoor game for fun and pitch it in a two-seamed grip, it’ll break to the left out of a righty’s hand and the right out of a lefty’s. I think that in effect this transitions well over to an ordinary baseball. After all, a good two-seamer thrown by the Major Leaugers is created by a small snapping of the wrist in the opposite direction like a screw ball.


Yeah just giving him the feedback.