Slider curveball help

, my slider and curve ball won’‘t work, for the curve I can almost get it to break but It breaks at the last second I can’'t get it to break before and it only breaks about a few inches. For the slider I have the same problem it starts to slide at the last second. Thanks

The answers could be any number of things. The two most common problems would be grip and finish.

Without more information, video or pictures of your grips it would be hard to determine why they aren’t breaking.

My question would be how old are you and what level are you pitching at? My thought is, depending on your age and what level you are pitching at, curveball and slider may not be appropriate at all anyway. My son is 11 and has asked me to teach him how to throw a curveball. I told him when he is old enough to shave, I will show him. As of right now, he should be concentrating on form and location. Just my thoughts, not trying to preach.

Good man Redrocker…need more guys like you!

Good question Redrocker. If you are of appropriate age and have developed a consistent fastball and changeup, then there could be several reasons why you aren’t seeing significant movement or break on your curveball including: turning your wrist too early, not pulling your elbow to your belt buckle, incorrect grip, and not properly finishing the pitch. There are numerous other possibilities, but it’s difficult to diagnose your problem without video recording.

I don’t know about that, but I do believe in location, speed change and good mechanics will trump just about any curveball at the little league level. My son pitched today in his all star game, 3 scoreless innings and a couple of strikeouts. All done with good location, and change of speeds. Not a curveball to be thrown. Not saying I know wverything, but I do have my opinions.

Thanks though, appreciate the kind words.