Slider/curve 4seam or 2seam


So just wondering what the difference is between throwing a curve/slider when thrown with a 2seam spin or 4seam. I pitched through high school and college and have always played around with both with mixed results. I usualy threw my slider with 4 and curve with 2.


I’ve tried googling this and have never found anything on the subject…


In high school my main pitch was a two-seam curve my father taught me. Had my middle finger and index finger on the inside of the narrow two seams, and I snapped the hell out of it. It had a hellacious late break, so much so that the parents would gather behind the backstop to watch it.:sunglasses:


Yes same here, I always got more break that way, yet whenever I see a grip shown on espn or anywhere for that matter, it is with four seem. It’s always confused me.


Probably because a four-seam curveball will have more of a four-seam fastball “look”.


The more the seams the greater the difference in air pressure.A four seam curve ball will curve more than a 2 seam.Thats why a 2 seam fastball “sinks” though a 4 seam fastball stays straight. If spin is a backpin the more the seams the more it stays straight if the spin is topspin the more the seams the more it drops.


Then why does a four-seam fastball move less than a two-seam ?


actually the 4 seam moves way more.but it moves against the gravity in order to stay in a straight line.Unlike the 2 seam which does not resist so much on gravity and drops abit.