Slide step?

how does one actually do the slide step from the stretch? I need to learn because my time from the mound to home right now from the stretch is 1.6 seconds, I need to get it down to about 1.3 seconds. Thanks.

The slide-step will not necessarily make you faster towards home plate.

The slide-step will not necessarily make you faster towards home plate.[/quote]

then what is it for?

Slide step isn’t a great path to go. Try doing something called the pre-load step I belive it’s called. If right now when you come set and your feet have your weight spaced pretty equaly, you should try putting more weight on your back leg, so when you go to lift your leg you don’t have to lean back and then come forward, all you have to do is fall forward into your throw.

Follow? I can clarifty more if neccesary.

keeping your feet a little closer together will help. it’s hard to get started when you are wide. i met the guy who claimed to invent the slide step at mickey owens baseball camp. he’s an interesting guy. he said you do not use the slide step every time someone is on to steal 2nd because it takes too much off the pitch and it is hard to locate. the pitch using a slide step is usually a pitchout or outside high fastball (which most hitters can hit hard).

the first thing he said to do is place the weight on your front foot and take the ball out of the glove holding it in the throwing hand and just covering it with the glove. then you don’t shift the weight to the back foot. you simply pick the front foot up and quick pitch to the plate. do not hold the ball. you want the runner to gobecause even if he gets a good jump you have a great chance to throw him out as fast as you get the ball to home plate.

he said you do not truly slide step more than 6 or 7 times per game. it is a form of pitch out.

the astros taught a front heel flash to the plate with the front foot and make a quality pitch when vern ruhle was with them. anything under 1.8 sec is acceptable. if you’re crankin 1.6 do not change a thing. the catcher has plenty of time.