Slide Step

How do you still get full use of your lower body when using the slide step?

Just dont open your hips too soon. Leave them closed longer, and let loose like a spring.

Take your stide and all your other mechanics just like you were in the windup, windup vs stretch really shouldn’t effect the action to home. The height of your leg doesn’t make a difference as to how you throw, what affects velocity is hip and core rotation, if your foot strike lands in the same position in both actions then all the other mechanics should be exactly the same.

Right! When I pitched, I used the slide-step—or a modified slide-step—all the time; the only difference was that when I pitched from the stretch (which wasn’t very often) I would come to the full one-second stop. The advantage for me was that it enabled me to add more speed to my delivery, and if there was a runner on base he was at a disadvantage because he neverknew if I was going to pitch to the plate or make the snap-throw to first. 8)