Slide Step Troubles

Ok well it was my first time ever pitching in a game and i did good until i finally had a runner on in the 3rd inning and i had to slide step. I actually threw harder but not that much control… any ideas besides working on it alot?? :x

The slide step involves different timing. If you haven’t been practicing it, then you can’t expect to have good control with it. Further, many pitchers seem to think they have to be as fast to the plate as possible. That’s not true. You just have to be fast enough to give your catcher a chance to throw out the runner. Often, when pitchers try to be as fast to the plate as possible, their lower half becomes too quick for the upper half and the upper half has to play catch-up.

How do you know you threw harder from the slide step?

well it felt like i threw harder its just one of those things… is it possible to throw breaking balls like curve and changeup using the slide step?

Yes if you practice it.

At the lower levels if your pitching you have to use judgement to figure out which is best for you. If you use the slide-step they won’t have as good a chance to steal, but if you use the slide-step you don’t throw as many strikes. Do you throw a pass ball and he makes it to second anyways? OK so that guy doesn’t steal but you walk the guy at the plate? You don’t want to do that. If you use a slower step towards the plate and throw better but that guy steals and you get good ground-outs or strikeouts that’s good also.

You do need to practice your different methods but if your in a game situation those are the things you have to take into consideration.

Actually, if you’re using your body well, you can throw harder but it will feel like your not throwing as hard.

Possible? Yes. But it’s much more difficult if the upper half is playing catch-up because your release point probably won’t be out front where it should be.

The slide step may be a little over rated … dont be afraid to focus on the hiitter .