From a previous post in a different category…come on, help a brother out …

Ok, since I was a youngster all the dads that volunteered their time would always preach to me " pitchers must wear long sleeves ". Through high school I did exactly that, whether it was 45 or 95 … and of course put the jacket (and BenGay !) over my arm in between innings. Once I began my cup of coffee in pro ball, I decided to bag the sleeves…and loved it. So last night, my 14 year old son asks me “Dad, it’s 80 out today so tell me again why do I need to wear sleeves ?” And here I am wondering, if it’s ok for him to be outside shooting hoops in shorts and a tee shirt, why do I bundle him up to go to the yard? Help me gang…I have a feeling “because I told you so” isn’t going to play much longer!!

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