Sleeping Injury?

I dont know why or how it happens but sometimes when i sleep ill wake up in the middle of the night with my arm 100% asleep and that morning my should will just feel completly dead. and will kind of hurt on the top of the shoulder where that bones at. Anybody know why this happens? Help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

this happened to me 2 nights ago, after i pitched 5 innings. i woke up sweating (not a nightmare) and my arm was totally asleep. its was also ice cold. felt like 10 degrees. so far its fine, i even threw an inning yesterday closing it out. only 11 pitches.

yeah it feels really bad when you wake up and just flop your arm back in place lol

Tip: Try not to sleep on your arm.

Also, don’t sleep on your arm-side. So if you’re a right don’t sleep on your right side. It’s not necessarily good for you shoulder, especially as you get older.

thanks for the tip