Sleeper stretch?

Am I doing it wrong? I feel sore in my “injured” spot. I injured arm 2 years ago and it has improved, but not quite 100% yet. am I supposed to feel sore or fatigued after doing the stretch? any other tips to get my arm strength up? im 15. I used to be a good pitcher w/ good accuracy, now im not sure how good my speed is cuz i havnt thrown 100% because im afraid ill hurt myself more. thanks in advance.

Well if you want advice about arm strength i feel I know a little on the subject. I would do Jobes and Tubing religiously. Also work on scapular strength considering they help the shoulder stay healthy. Also stretch it out good.

Okay, injured spot should be healed after 2 years. What did you do?

Here is a throwers program.

I was pitching in a game and I kinda slipped and threw it weird. i went to PT for a bit but parents had trouble getting me there and back, paying for it, etc. It has gotten a lot better, but sometimes have pain here and there.

also, for that program, how many reps of each exercise, and how many times a day, which days, etc? and do I do all exercises? thanks.

3 sets of 10-15 is a general standard for the Thrower’s 10. If you are hurting, however, you’ll want to start at 8-10. If you have any pain at any time, quit that exercise and move on. Give it a week and then try again, and so on. I wouldn’t do it more than once a day, and no more than 4 times a week.

Follow NPA Pitchers advice on the reps.

Well your arm hurting could be a posture issue it could be at the hips ankles thoracic spine any where. To just do the throwers 10 and tubing wont get you anywhere if you have a cervical spine problem or throaci spine problem. Even anterior pelvic tilt will throw of your shoulder function. How about anterior shoulder tilt you could have that. You need to evaluate your posture and how well you move and go from there on how to fix you shoulder problems.