Slava Side View + Slowmo

Coach Ellis,

Here’s the video you suggested I post. I suppose just from looking at it myself and doing some self-assessment I’d change three things:

  1. Initial step off mound should be more back than forward. Seems to screw up my weight shift.

  2. Spread arms more when releasing hands from glove. Not using full range of motion.

  3. Keep hips and shoulders towards third base for longer. Seems like I fly open and lose a lot of that rubber band energy buildup.

Any help will be much appreciated.


You have pretty good lead hip action, but there are some pretty obvious things I noticed.

  1. Your “balance point” doesn’t allow for an effective weight shift. You are almost perpendicular at the peak of your leg lift, resulting in a late weight shift.

  2. Your head and lead shoulder is not in an optimal position. This likely reduces your ability to locate pitches because your head is not in the center mass of your body.

  3. At foot strike, your arm has still not reached the cocked position. In fact your arm is in almost a horizontal position, and this can put an incredible amount of stress on your shoulder.

  4. Your achieving little, if any, hip to shoulder separation. This is a direct results of your late weight shift. Stop the video at :20 to see this

Last thing, I definitely think you can slow your mechanics down a little bit. While it’s true the faster you move, the faster you throw. This doesn’t imply you should speed up your mechanics to the point of of erratic.

Things you’re doing well:

  • Keeping your lead hip closed
  • Leading with the hip
  • Your back leg drive is decent, but could definitely be better.

Focus on one thing at a time! Good luck

Thanks for the feedback. Good stuff. I’d have to agree with your analysis. Off to the bullpen, then… I’ll post another video in a month or so with hopefully some mechanics improved. Cheers!


Thanks again for the breakdown of my last video. Here’s an updated bullpen session. I’ve been working on a few of the issues you mentioned.

  1. Slowing down the entire process. Creating width definitely helped with keeping a nice, steady, slower tempo.

  2. I think my balance point has gotten better. I seem to no longer be super upright, which has helped with keeping weight back, longer and having a more consistent release.

  3. I seem to be getting a little more arm cock at foot strike. There’s definitely some angle in that arm now before release and I can feel it “whipping” in the follow through – in the end allowing more effortless velocity.

Other than that, problems still remain. There’s a power leak somewhere and I can definitely feel it. Let me know if you can think of something I should work on next.

Progress since last month. Smoother arm action and better velocity, but my balance point seems to be off to the left again causing some wild pitches. I need to stay wide with my arms, keep my weight back, and follow through over my front foot, not to the side.