Slasherized's Pitching Log

Well before i start i would just like to mention i have just started pitching but would like to continue it. And i had all this written down already but im posting to have some input. I’d appreciate all comments positive or negative. The * is pretty much my overview of the game.

Intro- My names Danny. Im 15, a sophmore in high school.
Pitches- 4 seam - 68- 73 mph
2 seam - 67- 70 mph (preferred)
curve- 60- 62 mph (prefer over change up)
Change up- 62- 65

July28- 4 I.P (54 pitches) ( mercy) 3 Earned runs, 4k’s,2 bb’s, 1 hbp Roughly 80% fast balls.
*first time on the mound, coach thought it would be a good idea to put me against one of the weaker teams in the division. We mercied them in 4. Left a couple over the plate, other team took advantage. Nerves also had an impact on it. Id give it a c+

Aug 15- 5 I.P, (97 pitches) 2 Earned runs, 6 Unearned runs ( 5 Fielding errors)6ks, 3bbs, 1 hbp, roughly 60% fastballs, threw alot of curves.
*Felt great that day, too bad fielders couldn’t make plays. Had the curve working great that day, still working on developing other pitches. id give it a b.

Sept 3- 3 I.p (84 pitches) 3 earned runs, 3 unearned runs, 1k, 6bbs .3 hbp.

  • Just didnt have a feel for the ball at all that night. It was much colder out this night so that could have affected it. Just kept leaving the ball up and in to right handers leading to a couple hit batters.

October 5th- 4 2/3 I.P (~ 80-85 pitches) 0 earned runs, 6 unearned runs. 2k, 4bb, 2hbp. i threw all 2 seams minus 1 curve to get a k.

  • It was much colder out that night then any of the other nights (~ 55 degrees) First time i realized how mental pitching was. Other team taunted me from the bench and got to me. Over threw a couple pitches leading to a k then the arm was shot.