Slap Tear

Hey guys, havent been on in awhile, havent played ball in awhile either. But i recently found out that i have a tear in my non throwing shoulder in my labrum. They call it a slap tear. just wondering if anybody has experienced this injury and has been through the surgery. i am going to go through the surgery and is just curious of past experiences. Thanks guys

I tore my labrum last year…wasnt a slap tear and didnt require surgery but I did the rehab for it. However my roommate at school did have a slap tear in his throwing arm labrum and he had the surgery for it. He had hte surgery in the summer and still can’t pitch, but he is doing a throwers program to get back in shape. Since it is your non throwing arm, you will most likely just rehab it with exercises and you should be able to get back on the mound once it is somewhat stable…you are lucky it is not in your throwing arm.

yeah i am lucky indeed. i was able to pitch with it for awhile. just could not swing do bands or lift weights, which became the problem. But thanks Aug for the insight