Slamming the trap door shut?

This is something dick mills say’s what does it mean?

The position of the head should be back behind the belt buckle so the pitcher has enough distance to force the trunk forward into a flat back. This is the final component the pitcher has for producing velocity - trunk flexion or slamming the trap door shut.

what does the things in bold mean explain this to me please.

RIstar, you know I think you’re great. I sent you a PM. Are you a member of Dick Mills’ pitching forums? A lot of the questions you ask pertain specifically to Dick Mills, which is fine. But he’s located over at You may want to pony up for some of his vids, so you can join his forums and talk to “The Man” directly. Then every time you’ve got a question for Mills, you can ask him.

I don’t mind all the Dick Mills talk. I really want to see you get the answers you’re looking for. But since nearly every question you have is about Dick Mills, I’d join up over there, too! No one is going to know Dick Mills pitching philosophies better than Mills himself, you know?

Im a part of that but his fourm sucks and can’t get answers for somereason only like 2 weeeks later.

I have heard this slamming the trap door shut before mills it just got me thinking about it and what it means so can anyone help?

And I just put dick mills said this because I don’t want anyone to think it’s my words.

dm59 may have some good ideas for you. As you know, he’s got a pretty solid grasp on Mills’ stuff.

BTW, I was sent a copy of Mills’ latest book, The Science and Art of Pitching. It’s going to take me three years to read, no doubt. Someone should’ve sent him a memo: “Pitchers don’t like to read.”

RIstar: I’m waiting for you to read it and write the “Cliff Notes” version. Keep it under 100 pages :wink:

I’m glad to hear that you have their book. Remember, Rushall wrote almost all of it, with discussions with Dick happening the whole time, obviously, but they are Rushall’s comments. Mills has latched onto them and does what he does best, take them to extremes. I’d be quite interested in chatting with you about things in there. I’d also like to discuss with you some areas where I think they just have it wrong. Maybe in the Administrators’ “Bullpen”, by email, PM or MSN.

RIstar. It’s just his way of trying to be “colourful” with a further description of trunk flexion. That’s all. Nothing new.

I’ve got a 10 hour plane ride coming up, so I hope to be able to knock out a chunk of it during the flight. (Then another 12 hours back … or something like that.) The book may push my carry-on bag over the 50-pound limit :shock:

Do you really think you’ll be able to stay awake through that many hours of reading the book? :shock: